Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The other day I was complaining about how motherhood doesn't have any awards. Yes, yes I know all about rewards, but what about awards? I love awards. Shouldn't Mike come home every once in awhile with an engraved plaque that reads : "To the Bestest Laundry-doer Ever!" or one of those taller than an NBA player trophies that says "Changing the Sheets with Flair and Style Award?" I think so. It could have a little bed on top. (But then people might get the wrong idea)

I blame this award love on my first grade teacher who had a reading contest (yes! Something I could win.), and gave out a trophy for the winner. I won! (Does this spell N-E-R-D to you?)

In second grade, there was another contest. This time the prize was a GLASS CLOWN. THAT SPUN IN CIRCLES. AND PLAYED MUSIC. Oh how I wanted that clown.

So, if my brain remembers correctly, two of us had the same amount of minutes (Nevermind that the other girl would always ask me if she could see my "minutes read card" before she recorded her minutes). So no one got the GLASS CLOWN. I got some book about Strawberry Shortcake. But it was still cool, right? Even if it didn't spin in circles and play music.

After winning this contest I went on to infamy in the third grade reading contest. Just kidding. I went on to be the last one in the class to pass times tables. And my parents started threatening me that if I didn't go outside they would never let me check out Nancy Drew from the library again.

But anyway, I love awards. I know I'm a nerd. Oh well, I have lots of certificates and plaques. (My most prized plaque is for MVP in Cross Country. Our XC team was hurting a bit that year. It lists my accomplishments which include, "83rd in State." Wow. 83rd. I plan to position that one prominently, right next to my first grade reading trophy, when I set up my trophy room.)

This long post was really just a way to say thanks to Jayedee for giving me an award.

My Spanish is a little rusty, but I think it means my blog is in the proximity of goodness. Thanks! Or maybe it means my blog is the proximal blog in the world. Or maybe, it means I rock. I'm pretty sure it's the third meaning.

Now I get to pass this award along.
So here's to Kathryn's Nanny Goat This is an awesome craft blog that my friend does. I love getting ideas from it. (Ideas that I promptly turn into ghetto-looking crafts. But they look good when she does them.)
And Heidi's family blog where she always posts the most uplifting and beautiful things. She just went private though. :(
And I also bequeath my sister Alisha with this blogging award. Because I love her. And I want her to become absolutely devoted to blogging, so I can read about her family every day. ;)


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on the award! I have that weird Spanish one too.

Loralee said...

That reminds me of my son, who recorded something like 6000 minutes on his reading calendar when he was in the 4th grade. His teacher took the time to call and ask if the number was correct. When we said that it was, she said "is that healthy?' (His minutes per day were less than the national average of TV viewing by children) Come ON, it was a very snowy December. What do you want him to do after school, watch TV and play video games?

Melanie Jacobson said...

That's funny. My parents used to send me outside to play to punish me, too.

Alisha said...

Thank you, thank you! What an honor to receive such an award purely out of your love for me (And it's in a language that I don't know at all). What an honor!
so do I post this on my blog or what?

jayedee said...

my translation is "you rock like kiss"

so there!

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

You change your sheets?!?
You DO deserve a trophy!!!
Thanks for the award! I am honored. :)

Hollie said...

I used to ask to stay in from recess to read. I never got an award for reading, unless you count my superior knack for sarcasm and a negtive attitude about monkey bars. But that's more of a reward, um, or not.

Hollie said...

Obviously reading didn't help my spelling skills.