Monday, January 21, 2008

A Life of Inconvenience

Everything with kids is inconvenient. You want to go on a trip? You might as well hire an elephant for the baggage. Play in the snow? Plan on at least a half hour to get the kids in the snow clothes and out the door (and then plan on that extra 15 min. for when you realize that the baby has pooed her pants underneath all those snow clothes). It is much easier to sit at home and do nothing.

Mike and I made a goal (this one is less contentious than our no sweets/exercise bet), to live a life of inconvenience. Carpe diem! "Every man dies. Not every man really lives." We will sieze the moment and do things, even if they take work and planning, and running back into the house because we forgot one more thing.

We were getting into a rut. One or the other of us would suggest something, and the other would say, "No, that's too much work. Let' s just stay home/watch a movie/go to bed." No longer! Our tombstones (and our blog for that matter) will not read: "They lived a life of convenience."

We've already tried a few "inconvenient" activities this Jan. We did decide that convenience and comfort are two very different things: Thus we will be investing in another hiking backpack before we attempt anymore hikes with both kids. By the way Snuglis are not recommended for hiking trips. Here are some pics: We went snowshoeing up Wheeler Canyon. It is our favorite place to hike. Mike and I have biked there too, and it's beautiful in every season.

Here we are in our backyard playing in tons of snow!

Kenzie was so excited to go down her new slide.

This is our new swingset kind of assembled. Maybe Santa will come back and finish putting it together.

Of course, we're always looking for friends who want to be inconvenient with us. Come join us.


Heidi said...

I love it - Amen to that!! Although many fun memories come!!!

Matt & Cris P. said...

Thanks a lot guys for going up Wheeler Caynon and not even calling us when it is in our back yard. Sounds like fun though!

Matt & Cris P. said...

I have to retract my statement. I was thinking Meuller Canyon not Wheeler. It would have been fun though!

Kathryn said...

You guys are the funnest people I know! I'm serious, you are so adventureous (man I wish they had spellcheck on the comments)! We'll be back in a few years and we will be thrilled to be inconvenient with you... 14 hour hike anyone?

Sherrie said...

I'm along with you, but my engineer became one so that he could streamline things, and make them more convenient. The results are that I have to be super motivated to pull all of us along for the fun outings (including my hubby). Mostly, our weekly sledding outings involve Doug and the girls napping in our 72 degree home while the boys and I tromp through the 12 degree chill and brave the slopes. Always worth it in my opinion.