Adventures and Health

I love hiking and canyoneering and mountain biking and running and the occasional triathlon. Sometimes I drag my kids along, and a lot of times Mike co-sponsors the craziness.

After the 2014 Ogden Half Marathon. PR of 1:37:53

I also aspire to run an 18 minute 5K before I turn 40. So I have to do something about my weak core and tendency to injure myself if my mileage goes above 10 miles a week.

Good Times!

Hiking The Wave
Living Inconveniently
Sledding the North Ogden Divide
Hiking Waterfall Canyon (Ogden)
Ogden Half Marathon 2014
Zion in the Fall
Lava Hot Springs and the Forty Foot Platform
The Abbreviated Winter Xterra Quadrathon
Lost and Found at the Black Box Slot Canyon
Swimming vs. Running

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