Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today I had a special treat. Mckenzie decided to pee all over the front seats of the car. What, you may ask, was she doing in the front seats? Well, I had just finished going on a run, during which she whined the whole time, "Mom, I want to go home." I was putting away my wieldy double stroller and I put her in the car to avoid having her run around the parking lot. (I went on the run while my car was getting it's emission test, since my registration is due tomorrow.) So my adorable child was playing in the front seat while I wrestled with the stroller. When I opened my door I was greeted by the beautiful sight of Mckenzie saying, "I had an accident," and puddles of pee on both seats. That's right both seats. She had managed to spread the love all around. Sometimes I think swearing is justified, but I managed to growl through the temptation.

We were very late for our preschool Halloween party, but isn't she cute?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Canning Excitement

I finally understand what "enjoying the fruits of your labor" really means. Literally. And that's "literally" in the literal meaning of the word.

I canned this year! Woohoo! Now I get to eat applesauce (delicious and sugar free), pears, peaches and jam and jelly that I made. Kind of. Ok, not really. I guess "I" made it in the sense that "I" is me, my mom and my mother-in-law.

I feel as if I am a real Mormon (whoops almost wrote "moron") mom. That's not to say that one of the requirements of being a Mormon is canning ability, but it sure feels like it might be something you should do if you plan to obtain the Celestial Kingdom of motherhood, along with hand sewing costumes and clothing for your children and having a lovely dinner on the table every evening at 5:00 sharp.

I guess I feel so happy about my accomplishment because I fall so short in other mom areas. Actually I feel so happy about it because I can eat it. Anything that I can make and then eat is definitely going to make me happy.