About Me

I live in a town west of Ogden, Utah. I love Mike and my four glorious girls. I like chocolate. I have a cat. My grand visions for this life include:
1. Parenting Well with subvisions of Good Discipline, Loving my Family and Showing Them (this is harder than it sounds, especially in the summertime), and Having Awesome Traditions
2. Staying Healthy with a subvision of Running Really Fast (I did this once in college, now I'm trying to run really fast for my age group) and Having Great Adventures.
3. Laughing at my Mistakes (and my kids. They are hilarious. Especially with a little perspective.). I make a lot of mistakes.
4. Nourishing my Testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
5. Creating Beauty in my life through writing, projects (okay, those aren't usually beautiful, but I still attempt them with grand vision), and acts of service.

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