Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls and Monkey Bread

After three weeks of this contest of wills, I have finally figured out the rules. 1. If Mike likes to eat it, it is not a dessert; 2. If I like to eat it, it is considered a dessert.
This week Mike claimed that cinnamon rolls are not a dessert. I agreed and promptly ate two. Besides, it would have been rude not to eat them; they were sent home with me from an interview I got to do with the Four R's, a famous singing group out this way.
Overall we are still sticking to the one treat a week rule (which I don't think I made clear in my last post). Mike has succesfully "exercised"-- another area where rules are fuzzy for him (I don't think downhill skiing is exercise), and I have succesfully cut back radically from sweets.

I told him I am satisfied we have enough will power and that this ridiculous bet should now stop. It is sucking away my will to live. What is the point in exercising if you cannot eat what you want? Perhaps I am a teensy bit addicted to chocolate too, since I have had to resort to hot chocolate once a day to get my fix. (Drinks are not dessert items unless solids are added to them, such as ice cream.)
At least there is an end in sight-- we have agreed that this kind of bet is not lifestyle changing (there is no way I can or would want to do this once a week thing forever). So we are going to steal my sister Alisha and brother-in-law Dustin's idea. They do a point system. 1 point a day for not eating a treat, 1 for exercising, and 1 for scripture reading. Mike is saying we can't switch to points until the end of Feb., but I am holding out for the end of Jan. I imagine points will be infinitely better--- I also imagine myself suddenly becoming and scripture-reading exercise freak, since I will want to eat a treat everyday. Not that this is a bad thing. . . .


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Okay. I HAD to comment on this because of your title. Ever since Christmas, I've been obsessed with monkey bread or cinnamon rolls for Saturday breakfast. I get the Rhoades kinds. AND... about your hot chocolate fixation. ME TOO! We got one of those cocoa latte machines for Christmas and it makes your hot chocolate TO DIE FOR!!! So, hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls AFTER my weigh in with Weight Watchers on Saturday morning. It's my POINT SPLURGE after I weigh in. See? I related to this post on SOOO many levels.

Em Russ said...

Ok. I think about you every day (about 20 times) when I am eating my treats (about 20 times) that I probably should be eating. And I think... man, I should try out Steph & Mike's plan... then I keep eating my treats. I really am so proud of you! I agree that Mike's definition of a treat is messed up though. But hey, if he says cinnamon rolls aren't treats, I say go for it.

The last thing though... how did you get an interview with the 4 R's?? I used to love them as a kid! I used to imagine telling my dad I was getting married using one of their songs... "Daddy, theirs a boy outside..."

Em Russ said...

ha ha... you can quote me! You'll have to send me a copy of your article though. I could seriously go on and on about the 4R's! I remember listening to them on 8 tracks!! LONG time ago!! I knew that I LOVED reading your blog writing, but I didn't know you were a professional writer! You're a woman of many talents!!

and... my previous comment need editing (I'm obviously not a pro) I meant to say that I should NOT be eating my 20 (or more) treats a day... maybe all the sugar is affecting my brain!!

Chambers Family said...

Thanks Em. I'll send you a copy when it comes out, what's your email?

Czechers said...

I love reading your blog! I think skiing is excercising especially if it's for the whole day. I'm just like you. If I don't have anything "desert worthy" I make something. I'm addicted! I don't like cinamon rolls, but if it has frosting on the top, I think it's a desert. Jello, is not a desert. That could help ;) eat jello every day or yummy smoothies!!! My mouth is watering thinking about it.