Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Demise of the Bet (at least the dumb part of it)

I knew the end was in sight when Mike decided to trade his not exercising for allowing me to eat a cookie. Then he said, "Steph, is it really sucking the joy out of life?" Then my Grandma had a chat with Mike. One of the best things about Mike is he is, without exception, nice. So he gave in (after some bribery).

Now we are going to use a point system. What does this teach us? That incessant whining does the trick every time, especially if you get your Grandma on your side. :) And I wonder where Mckenzie gets it from?

This bet was my own fault, I shouldn't have whined so much. I was starting to kind of get used to it. Kind of. Not really. Okay, I hated it.

The point system will at least allow for the occasional craving for me and not-that-often-exercising for Mike. We plan to have a monthly contest, as well as a long-term contest for bigger prizes. I guess we will use that tax rebate to fund our prizes. After we save some of it, of course.

This weekend, we snowshoed the Green pond trail. This trail connects to the Wheeler Canyon trail that we did last weekend. We have a grand plan to hike (down) the whole thing starting at Snowbasin. I'm not sure when we will put this plan into action, since it involves a babysitter as well as good weather. This Sat. we are going up to Snowbasin to check out the grounds for the U.S. National Snowshoeing competition. Which will be here in March. I get to write an article about it. I'm so excited!


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

You look so adventurous in your picture!!! I'm so impressed.

Good luck with the point system!! I'm sure you'll have success!!!

ClingerFamily said...

Hi Steph,
Kristen told me about your blog and how cute it is. I loved reading through all of your blogs and seeing what a cute family you have. I am so happy to hear that everything is going so well for you.
Do you mind if I steal your quote idea on the side of your blog? That is such a good idea.

And one last thing, isn't it your birthday soon? I swear I remember that our birthdays were pretty close.
Take care -

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Keep it going. I really wish Alisha would get something else up. My hula hips are tired.

Grandma Bette