Monday, February 4, 2008

Ackkk! Snow and sickness.

The snow this year has been enough to convince me to buy a snowblower. I must admit that before this year I thought of snowblowers as tools for decrepit, lazy people. After shoveling the driveway four times in the last week, I now know that snowblowers are for smart, industrious people who wish to save their backs.
We have so much snow! Mike and I agree that it hasn't been like this since we were kids. Shoveling aside, it is really fun. Last year we couldn't find a place to snowshoe, there wasn't enough snow. This year, we could snowshoe around our neighborhood.
Kenzie and I have played in it tons. We've built a cave in the front yard, a sled hill, and played fox and geese. Hannah is not so excited about the snow, especially since going outside involves covering her hands, so she can't grab anything and stick it in her mouth. This annoys her.

This weekend we had plans to be adventurous, and we were even going to be social to boot. Matt and Cristina were going to come with us to hike Wheeler with the kids on our backs, however Kenzie threw up an hour before we were supposed to go. She really wanted to go. She kept saying she was better, but then would lay down on her pillow and act tired. "Mom, my tummy doesn't hurt. I want to go." We wanted to share our adventure with the Pebleys, but not necessarily the stomach flu, so we called it off and spent a day at home cleaning. Bleck.

Kenzie felt fine on Sunday, but Mike started to feel queasy that night. It was a nasty night involving extensive use of the toilet. During one of Mike's "episodes" he went to check on Hannah and she had thrown up all over and was sleeping peacefully in it. Poor girl.

Today Hannah is acting fine, and Mike is feeling a little better, but my stomach is starting to feel funny. Oh no.

This week has been full of adventures that should involve a doctor. On Thursday, I was "walking" Hannah to the couch with her arms, and I heard a terrible "pop!" She started crying and then her arm fell useless at her side. She wouldn't use it for anything! I was so distressed. I called Sherrie, because Josh is a PT (by the way if you need a physical therapist, he is smart and good, so go to Rock Run PT and ask for Josh). Sherrie called Josh, and and he said she was probably okay, but he would look at her that night. In the meantime, I was still freaking out and called her doctor. She wasn’t continuously crying, just every time I tried to move her arm. They probably think that I am an abuser, since I set up an appointment and called to cancel it later. Anyway, long story short, I laid her down for a nap, and she was fine one minute later. Josh took a look at her and said that it was probably “nursemaid’s elbow,” which can be quite common, and easy to fix, unlike the alarming Web sites say.

Anyway, all is well as long as my stomach holds out and the snow stops coming.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't tell me about Hannah's arm. Hope it is okay. Hope you didn't get sick. Haven't you heard the Mommy rule yet? Mom's don't get sick.
What a cute family you have.
Love you all, Grandma Bette

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

Happy early birthday!! I won't be around on the actual blissful day so this will have to do! Hope you are all doing well!

Chambers Family said...

Thanks Robyn!