Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mckenzie!

Two days ago, I told Mckenzie that her birthday would be the next day. She immediately wanted to take a bath at 11:00 a.m. so that the day would be over (We take baths at bedtime). I didn't really mention her birthday again, and thought nothing of it. We had a regular day of excitement; I made some cupcake wands for her Joyschool friends; we let her choose some frosting for her cake, and then we went to bed at half past bedtime (8:30).

This is how the cupcake wands are supposed to look.

Here is my ghetto version. Sigh.

At 10:00 p.m. she came out, wide awake. She wanted a drink. At 11:00 she came into our bedroom. She was scared. At12:00 I heard her pretending to throw-up. At 12:30 a.m., after multiple threats of no birthday presents and a seriously ticked off version of "I am a Child of God" she went to sleep. She was so excited for her birthday. She woke up at 7:30 a.m. minus four hours of much needed sleep.
We are still trying to recover. Mike drove to school that day so that he could stay home for a breakfast of Kenzie's favorite: Fruit Loops. We have tried to entice her with pancakes and eggs, but she is a girl after her Mom's heart: Cold cereal, yeah! She even chose that for her Birthday dinner.

That night we had some of our family over for presents and cake and ice cream. Mike and I have decided to do the two party route (one for each side of the family) since our house is too small anyway.

Once again my cake skills were tested to the limits, but I don't think the birthday girl cared. I had visions of cake-splendor and even printed out some directions for them, but Mike talked sense into me, thus saving hours of stress and preserving the chance that guests would actually see the cake.

Kenzie was so happy to have all the attention and presents. She's been waiting for her birthday since her cousin Kandelyn's in Nov. She was pretty gracious too, only asking Shaelynn twice if she could have some more presents. I tried to explain why we were happy with any presents at all, but Kenzie thought I meant she needed to ask more nicely. "Please Aunt Shaelynn can I have another present?"

So she was spoiled and happy, and tired. She almost took a morning nap today. Almost.


ROBYN & KEVIN said...

I totally forgot Kenzie's birthday.... so sorry. Hope it was fantastic! Kevin's sister is always making cute cakes for her kids birthdays... me not so much. A good 10 x 13 pan is the best I can do. And I think that you did awesome on the wands!!!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday Kenzie!! We love Feb. 19th!!

Matt & Cris P. said...

Happy Birhtday Kenzie! 3 years old...WOW!!!

Hollyween said...

Happy Birthday to Kenzie! I think your cake wands look fab! Waaaay better than I could do. I'm seriously lacking in that department.

Sherrie said...

Kid birthdays are so much work and expectation on the parents side, you handled it well. I can't really get over how much I relate to the ticked off version of I am a child of God. I'm still laughing. Happy Birthday Kensie

Wynona said...

She is darling! And I love your ghetto cupcake wands.