Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sherpas are nice

How is it that my sisters got all the good looks?

Kenzie looks happy in this picture, but the only way we could convince her to not cry is to tell her the baby mooses (I'm adding this word to the dictionary) would be scared away if she wasn't quiet.
The Sherpas. That one on the left sure is cute.

For my birthday we went up to Snowbasin with Alisha, Dustin, and Shaelynn. My mom was going to come to, but she was sick. Poor mommy.

Nothing is better than doing something you love with people you love. We hiked the telephone pole trail (not sure of the official name here), and Dustin carried Hannah. Snowshoeing is a heck of a lot easier without a small child on your back. Thanks Dustin. Mike had the heavy work with Kenzie. She was ornery from staying up too late the night before.

Val and Bagel (Dan) were in town visiting so we had a small get together on Friday where we practiced our lazy parenting skills, allowing Kenzie to eat badly and stay up late. It was so good to see them, and we felt like we had kept up with them because of their good blog.

While we were hiking we saw a moose! It was our first luck with wildlife. Every time we go hiking we tell Kenzie we are going to look for animals. Usually we have to count birds as our exciting wildlife and look at holes in the ground to speculate that wildlife must be out there. So it was fun to see an actual large animal (at a safe distance of course). Last week when we were supposed to go hiking with Matt and Cristina (Kenz was sick) they saw elk and moose-- go figure.

Anyway it was a fabulous birthday and now I am older and wiser. Yes, wiser. Wiser than what I don't know. Maybe I am wiser because next time I go snowshoeing I will hire a Sherpa to carry my children. Or leave them at home (safely supervised by a caring adult).


Anonymous said...

Great blog!! Don't hire a Sherpa, just have Dustin and Alisha come visit. :-) And do'nt leave the kids home, just put them to bed earlier the night before.
Glad you had a happpy birthday. You deserved it!
Your Grandma

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Steph!!