Sunday, January 6, 2008

Farewell to happiness

After binging (and not purging) for the holiday season, I was feeling sick. So in a moment of weakness I rashly agreed to give up sweets. This would be okay, and easily breakable, except that I bet Mike that I could do it for longer than he could. Mike has it easy. He doesn't really love chocolate or desserts. He loves potato chips and salty snacks. Of course he claims that these are not included in the bet, only sweets. I, on the other hand, am practically giving up my first born child by forswearing chocolate. I think I have (had) some every day. It was like my reward for surviving. Although I didn't get Mike's greatest food weakness included, I did manage (after a lengthy discussion) to get Mike to concede that besides giving up sweets we must excercise 3 times a week.
I told Mike that I don't think this bet will really accomplish what I want (being more healthy), because I will just end up eating more food to satiate my craving, never satisfied, so just keep eating, in an endless loop. He just mercilessly laughs and tells me no exceptions! This bet is indefinite. It goes until someone loses. The only way I think I will win is in the exercise department (Mike claims to not have time), or because Mike is forgetful. He might eat more than one treat because he doesn't think about this bet. (I, on the other hand, can not forget the bet, it consumes my thoughts, and I will only lose due to lack of will-power.) If I lose Mike says that I have to. . . Well, you'll have to ask Mike. All I'll say is that it is something he likes a lot more than I do.
If Mike loses he has to plan a trip (for us) to the location of my choice. I guess I could have said he has to sing two songs from the musical West Side Story while riding the bus to school, but that wouldn't have been quite as fun, just funnier.
Oh well.
This bet is pretty much my huge New Years Resolution. Today I ate my treat for the week, Oreo chocolate cheesecake. Mmmm. Now I am planning next week's treat: Blog brownies. I have read Holly's post about them and all the comments. I can't wait for next Sunday to try them.
Other vague and less measurable resolutions include being a better mom and being less controlling. I am a control freak (is the PC term for this life engineer?), and I am trying to not be. I am afraid eating chocolate only once a week will not help me in this area. Minus chocolate I might be more controlling and less patient with my children.


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Cute background, Stephanie.

Umm... your comment about Mike and what you'll have to do if he wins makes me laugh because I have a horrible mind. And I'm sure you're not meaning what it sounds like you're meaning....

Good luck on the blog brownies!!! YAY! They are de-light-ful.

Sherrie said...

You can do it! I recommend Macaroni Grills Chocolate Cake. When I lost 75 pounds through Weight Watchers, their chocolate was my big splurge and so worth it. I ate only salads for days afterward.

Chambers Family said...

Mmm... I'll take any suggestions for good splurges! I'm going to schedule them out. :) Macaroni Grill chocolate cake will be in two weeks. (We'll go for a date!)

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

STEPH- you can do it. If I have to give up my beloved Diet Coke for 9 months while I am pregnant you can surely give up your chocolate. It will be hard but totally worth it.. matters could be worse and you could be a DIABETIC like myself and not be able to EAT ANY OF IT!!! Be grateful for the little that you can eat and hopefully you will get your vacation! (the Creager-Chambers clan need another vacation together in the near future too, they were B.S.S.J.T before Steph, Summer, Josh Time)

Chambers Family said...

I should count my blessings! Good luck with your diet coke fast.

Pebley Family said...

Your blog looks great! Email and tell me how you did it.