Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What are little girls made of?

Ponytails and sweetness are what Mckenzie is made of. Her hair has taken a long time to grow out and although it has seen a ponytail before, this is officially the first "big" ponytail of her life. I wanted to document this momentous occasion and pay tribute to the ponytail- a hairstyle beyond compare.

Ode to the Ponytail

Simple and sweet
Saucy and neat
Functional in cold or heat
You keep my hair out of my face
You work great when I race.
I never have to bother much
You are perfect in a clutch
Mine's a little short broomstick
Kenzie's is wispy- not thick
Oh so nice, the ponytail
Without you life would be

1 comment:

Em Russ said...

That's hilarious Steph! Good work. I feel exactly the same way about ponytails!