Monday, September 7, 2009

Kenzie and the Dance Class

I'm not even going to get into the whole psychology of teaching little girls to "sha*e their b**ti*s." Let's just leave it at: Kenzie took her first dance class from the Falcettes. One of the girls Sherrie (Mike's sister) teaches in YW is a Falcette so we signed up Kandelyn, Kenzie and Gracie for a week-long class culminating in the half time show on the 28th. They had an awesome time together and loved showing off their moves. Besides it was highly entertaining to watch the high school girls try to herd 50 3-6 year olds. Hannah went and would join them for a little bit and then decide she was sad (a common occurrence these days) and sit with me. I believe in prepping your children for their experiences, so I told Kenzie there would be tons of people watching her at the football game. Kenzie told me she was going to be scared, but then she had no problem.

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