Monday, January 4, 2010

I do hereby Resolve to Sled more

Now that I'm done sewing my quiet books I can stop swearing and spend more time writing my book. You know, the book that is going to make me rich and famous?

It starts out with a girl named Sherry, Sherry Plotter. She lives in the rainiest city in the U.S. in a cupboard under the stairs. Her friend, a vampire, gave her a ring. But it turns out this ring can rule the world. So she goes off to a school for magicky people called PigBlemishes. There she learns about the werewolves plot to kill the vampires and only the ring can stop them. Or her love. Maybe it's her love that stops them from destroying each other. I'm still working out that detail. It's tentatively titled, "Sherry Plotter and the Cup of Hot Stuff."

Or maybe I'll just spend more time sleeping.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas vacation. Mike took the last two weeks off and we enjoyed sleeping in (he goes to work so early the bats are still out), playing with the girls and hanging some drywall to stop the stupid cat from crawling around the basement ceiling/kitchen floor. She's adorably curled up in my lap right now but really I'm getting tired of her incessant meowing because she's stuck in the ceiling.

While Mike was off we went sledding three times. Hannah loved it the first time we went. Kenzie loved it every single time. Even the time she hit a tree (a small tree).

The first time we went to a park in Clearfield. The only problem with this park was that all the sled hills seem to end at the same large lamp post. I'm not sure how they engineered that, you'll have to ask Mike. We avoided the lamp post by ditching our sleds at the last minute or having Mike divert their paths. And Hannah loved riding the mild hill in her red sled and then being pulled back up again.

The next time we went to a hill by the Roy train station on 4000 s. That is a perfect spot, perfect that is if you start at the right spot.

Kenzie was getting pretty brave by this point and one time she started at a questionable spot, turned backwards and hit a tree. Luckily it was a small tree and she wasn't going very fast. I love sledding but I hate getting hurt and I hate it even worse when my children are hurt (I mean really hurt, not just the fake kind of hurt that they've mastered to get a princess band-aid).

Hannah hated sledding this time. It was still snowing a little bit and the hills were full of powder that blew up into our faces. She despised getting snow in her face and was miserable. I tried to teach her some snow-in-the-face-avoidance tactics but she still wasn't too keen on sledding.

The third time we went back to the Roy Frontrunner station on New Year's Day. It really is a great sledding spot. My mom, Dustin, Alisha and Sophie came with us and we had a great time. Alisha took some really great shots (she's a superb photographer with great rates), but she hasn't sent me any so I can't post them (hint, hint). Mike and I even went with each other a couple times. It made me feel young and giddy again.

The hill is fast enough to be fun for big kids and little kids. Sophie (14 months) wasn't impressed, but she didn't cry either, so I felt like it was a success. Kenzie was having a great time riding alone and climbing up the hill pretty well too. Hannah was sort of miserable again until she discovered sliding down on her bum, which I think my mom introduced her to. Then we all had fun. Kenzie wanted in on the bum sliding action too, so she deserted the sleds and she and Hannah spent the remaining time sliding on their bums with me and my mom. I don't know if we'll be able to get either of them on a sled again. And Mike thinks this is the year to try our little daredevils on skis. Good luck.


Alisha said...

Sorry!! I will get you photos soon!!! (thanks for the little plug, and the kind words) :)

Rachel Sue said...

My kids are not the biggest fans of sledding. And while I like it, quite a bit, actually, I'm okay with it. Because I don't love being cold!

Marly said...

We went to the Roy hill on New Years Eve. My 2 year thought it was scary.

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

I LOVE sledding! It is seriously soooo fun! We miss the snow.
I'm so happy to hear you have family in Kennewick! You BETTER visit us (because I don't think anyone else will) we need to see some familiar faces up there every once in awhile.
We might actually buy a home in Kennewick since it is so close to Richland.
Hope your pregnancy is going great?!

Tobi said...

I love the working title of your book. =) Sounds fascinating!

I love sledding. But that is so not happening here in Texas. It did snow on Christmas Eve but none of it stuck. Sad day for my kiddos. Although I think the presents eased their pain somewhat.

charbetrichey said...

Tell Kathryn-nannygoat to call me. I know a great place to live in Kennewick that has awesome people in the neighborhood. :-) As for the book, well, why don't you get more sleep. It will be good for you. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your sledding adventures.

Amber said...

Dude, I have no problems barreling down a ski slope. But sledding? My 70-year-old father was braver than moi.

Marcie said...

I really like the plot for your book....very original. We will have to try one of your sleding spots, we have not gone yet this year. I saw the pictures though and they looked great, your girls are so cute.

Dreamer said...

That looks cold. We went sledding on New Year's, too. I try to avoid it if at all possible. I'm form California, I don't do well with cold.