Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm so Excited for the End of the World

Since the world is ending on Dec 21, there's really no sense in making any real resolutions. But, I guess there's always the chance that the Mayan prediction will be as wrong as every other one, so I'm going to hedge my bets and keep trying to beat my laundry into submission. 

#2 (see #1 above): Dominate the Lost Socks. I have a box for lost socks and it is constantly overflowing. I hearby resolve to match (or perhaps just throw away) every sock in that box.
#3: Have a baby. At the hospital. Stay at the hospital as long as possible. 
#4: Finish writing my book. Currently my main character (and the plot) is stuck in a hotel in Idaho. It's kind of depressing.
#5: Don't sign up for any crazy races until next year. Next year. Seriously. I mean it. No, a half marathon in November does not sound good. No. A 5K might be okay. Really. A 5K. In October. Alright.
#6: Organize a closet (shoot for the moon, I say).
#7: Teach Hannah to read, Teach Ellie to pee (in the toilet) and teach Kenzie to run.
#8: Start a family book club.
#9: Study scriptures at least 5 times a week.

The end.     

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charbetrichey said...

I'm in on the book club, but the others, I'm afraid you are on your own. <3