Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being Strep B positive while pregnant

No, my throat doesn't hurt. Apparently if you are Strep B positive it has nothing to do with having strep throat. Last week I was the lucky recipient of a Strep B positive result at my now weekly appointments. And by lucky I mean cursed. My vision of my delivery was shattered. Okay, I'm being pregnantly dramatic, but I guess my vision (if you can have a vision of your delivery) was clouded.

See, I envision hanging out at my house until my contractions are about 3 minutes apart, getting a few last minute things done like organizing my sock drawer, and then driving to the hospital to have a baby. I like the au natural sort of delivery, sans drugs. I don't like hanging out at the hospital being prodded and stared at and monitored. But I also don't like the idea of screaming from the bathroom for Mike to call 911 while Kenzie and Hannah stare dumbfounded at their mother delivering a child and Ellie cries hysterically and tries to crawl in my lap while I'm pushing.

This laboring mostly at home but finishing at the hospital is a fine balance that we've managed three times so far. I was hoping for a fourth, but thanks to my Strep B results I'm supposed to be at the hospital 4 hours before I deliver the baby so that they can stick an IV in me and run penicillin through my body. Fabulous. I have never been to the hospital four hours before I've had a baby. I just don't figure out that I'm in labor soon enough to get there that early.

When I expressed displeasure to my midwife at having to have an IV, she said, "Yeah and penicillin is one of the more irritating drugs to the veins." Thank you. She also gave me a little print out that assured me that I did nothing to contract Strep B and that being Strep B positive was just like having freckles, only more dangerous and scary for your baby. The little printout also assured me that most pregnant women do not have any symptoms of Strep B. But when they do it includes frequent or urgent urination.


Well in that case, all my doubts about the validity of the Strep B test are gone. Because I definitely have that. In fact, I've probably had it every pregnancy. I'm surprised they haven't caught it sooner.

P.S. I found the pig! It was tucked into Kenzie's bottom drawer in a tangle of pants, probably courtesy of the Ellinator. I know that if Kenzie knew it was there she would have brought it to me because I offered them a dollar if they found it. Instead I'll be paying that dollar to the library. I think we have financed the purchase of a few new books with the fines we have paid to that place. Sigh.


charbetrichey said...

I am so sorry that you have Strep B. You probably know that Leslie had it with Stetson. We will be praying that you make it to the hospital on time. <3 <3

kristi lou said...

Oh man, I'm sorry Steph. I have had strep b with all 4 kids and its never been too big a deal. You do have to have the meds which do burn going in a little bit, but it's only for a minute. The bigger pain was that they always made me stay in the hospital 48 hours after delivery just to monitor the baby--that was more of an inconvenience. The good news is there were never any harmful effects to the babe. And I guess that's the important thing.

Also, my doc told me that once you have it, you'll always have to be treated for it...did they say anything like that to you?

kristi lou said... "always have to be treated for it" I mean during delivery...not your entire life (obviously..just thought i'd clarify that :) )

Tennille said...

Congrats on #4!!!! We are so happy for you! I LOVE that you are making it a surprise....we did that for our #5 baby BOY =} I know the frustration with STREP B, been there done that I did not get to the hospital fast enough. All was well, but more pricks to the baby and stayed longer at the hospital. SO GOOD TO LOOK IN ON YOU! Take care and keep smiling!