Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Things I Irrationally Hate

I am all about being irrational. Because logic is far too difficult to wrap my mother-adled brain around.

1. Honey--Oh sure it has nutritional value and is all-natural and delicious, but has anyone ever found a good way to store it? Or get it out of the storage jar? I will wipe off the table, sit down to enjoy a good book and find my elbows sticking to the table. And my shorts sticking to the chair. Arggh. Sticky everywhere.
2. Rice Krispies--Little tiny devils that when soaked in milk and allowed to dry become impossible to clean off the floor. The other morning Ellie, otherwise known as the Messiest Eater in the West, had a bowl of these which she managed to spill all over the table. When I came out from feeding Norah, tiny, wet Rice Krispies were scattered across the whole table. In an attempt to stop them from permanently bonding to my table I tried to wipe them up. They clung and shifted worse than my dress on a hot summer day. It took forever to wipe them up, and they hadn't even performed their superglue feat yet.
3. Joannes-- I already feel extreme stress when I enter this fabric/craft store. I want to sob every time I approach the fabric cutting counter, "No! I don't know how many yards I need. Just sell me the whole bolt." But I am far too cheap for that. Then after I stand in line, sweating about how many yards I need to finish some nursery curtains that I am never going to sew, I have to stand in line again to purchase this fabric. The second line is always at least 20 minutes long and winds through a slot canyon of candy and other junk that I continually tell my children not to touch and no I will not buy them the wooden frog they have always wanted.
4. Plastic Step stools- Specially designed to trip you or scratch your poor feet and legs, especially when wielded by a toddler.

Well, I guess that's it. I have a lot of things that I rationally hate, like war, disease, and broccoli, but I can only think of four irrational things right now. I'll have to add to the list later.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the step stools. Those are dangerous weapons in the hands of any kiddo.

charbetrichey said...

Good picks! Grandpa's Grandmother always said that "honey is just like ta ta. It is everywhere". And, it is.

Sherrie said...

Get yourself invited to a Pampered Chef party, and buy 4 of those small squarish plastic scrapers. They've saved my sanity, and are tough as anything on rice krispies. Oh, and as soon as you can squeeze $60 out of your monthly budget, get a cleaning lady. Mine will do 4 hours a month for those sixty bucks and those 4 hours are my favorite ever, they make every motherhood mishap worth it.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're turning, slowly, ever so slowly, into Monk.

Laura said...

Did I miss #5? Steph, I love reading your blog! It is always so fun to read! I hope you are doing great :)