Saturday, April 5, 2008

The last breakfast

I am done nursing. Today, one day before Hannah's first birthday, I b-fed her for the last time. I am ever so grateful for breastfeeding, but here are 10 reasons why I am celebrating the end of b-feeding Hannah.
Wait! The end of a long year of b-feeding Hannah makes me think there are actually reasons to celebrate and reasons to be a little sad, so here are 6 reasons to celebrate and 6 reasons to mourn:

First, the reasons to celebrate:
1. I can buy a new bra
2. My stomach will now be flat (right? right? That's why that roll of fat has been sticking around, isn't it?)
3. I can put the Boppy pillow in a closet, instead of resting it on the couch or somewhere near it.
4. No more pinching of arms and other sensitive body parts
5. I can wake up early and go running before I feed Hannah (and I'm going to, really, I am waking up early)
6. I can fast again

Reasons to mourn:
1. My baby is growing up
2. It's awfully hard to put on deodorant when your breasts migrate to your armpits.
3. I have to buy a new bra (I think I have to start wearing my g's under my bra too. Bleck. Is it sacrilegious to say that I kind of hate that?)
4. Hannah hardly sits still for anything anymore, and now I will lose one more moment of stillness with her.
5. Milk is expensive these days
6. I have to fast again

I guess I could become one of those people that b-feed forever, not weaning their children until they are 4 or 5, but the thought actually horrifies me. Talk about scarring the kids for life.

I am glad to own my body again, even if it's just for a little while until the next baby. (No this is not an announcement) So hooray for this milestone in my and Hannah's life.


Kathryn said...

Megan used to pinch the back of my arm with her tiny sharp nails when I fed her too, OUCH!
Congrats, it is definitely a major milestone!
Hooray for new bras (padded ones in my case- the other sad thing about ceaseing breastfeeding)!

Hollyween said...

My left boob constantly has bruises from the love squeezes. Was that TMI? I'm so glad you posted about this. I'm copying you and doing a post exactly like it when the time comes. I can't decide how to wean. Faith will be 10 months next week and I really would like to be done by a year... for all the reasons you mentioned. And I'm confused about your "g's under your bra" thing. Haven't they been there the whole time? Please discuss. Ya know what? You can actually wear your bra underneath... legally. My cousin in Australia does because it's so hot there. She says it's the ONLY WAY and she's checked with the temple and it's fine. It's all a matter of preference.

Let me know how it goes. Does you baby know it was her last feeding?? What are you going to do if she asks for more?

Is this too many questions?

Stephanie and Co. said...

I weaned slowly, starting at about 10 months. I cut the night feeding, and just gave her milk at dinner. My doctor said she thought that was fine. Then at 11 months I cut her lunch time feeding, and replaced it with milk. She did great and is still growing fine. (She loves food). With Kenzie I did the same thing, but weaned to formula, instead of milk. That got old at $14/can. She had some troubles with cow's milk so we did soy milk for awhile. Then at 2 she was fine with cows milk. So there you go.
She wasn't that excited about nursing anymore. I think she kind of misses it, but not really. It was kind of getting to be a trial to nurse her, what with all the pinching and head turning and hardly any milk.

Stephanie and Co. said...

Let's see I deleted my earlier comment because it seemed too flippant. So, as far as g's go, I was told (by my mother who heard from a temple worker) that while I was nursing it was okay to not wear them under my bra. I agreed and gave up on nursing garments, in favor of regular g's, since 1. Whoever designed nursing garments has never had them collect leaky milk in the bottom of a bra and 2. Wearing regular g's under a bra would make it virtually impossible to nurse discreetly, which I think is somewhat impossible anyway. It is way more comfortable this way. I am totally staying with it, but I will have to check with some authority before I feel completely "right" about it. I could go on and on about g design, but I'll stop in the interest of preserving my good attitude about wearing them. :)

Hollyween said...

Okay, the g's thing... I wear my nursing g's under my nursing bra. My nursing bra is now about two sizes too big, but because I'm so close to weaning, I refuse to spend money on another one. Same goes for more nursing g's. The ones I have are huge with the boob cups coming clear down to my belly button. And nursing g's come up so much higher, I swear! I mean, I'm all for modesty, but it's a little limiting with a few of my clothing items that worked just find with regular g's. You know why your way of wearing regular g's over your bra sounds awful to me? Because then I'd have to lift them up to nurse and my big flubby belly would hang out and Faith would laugh and play with it. She thinks my saggy skin is hilarious on the odd occasion she's actually seen it. The real reason is that I don't want it exposed to any air whatsoever. That way I can live in denial and pretend it's not there.
Let me know what you find out from a temple authority about g's. I've been contemplating doing the bra under the g's thing for a while, but always felt weird because I'm a creature of habbit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to intrude... I was reading your comment from HOlly's post and got curious...
Keep those g's next to your skin, girls...
Sorry, I had to say that!!!

Stephanie and Co. said...

I suppose you are probably right, Joyce. But maybe I will ask anyway. Just to be sure.