Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!

Today Mike is as old as I am (and look at how buff he is). For two months of the year, he is younger and less wise than I am, but today he caught up, and now he will continue to be the wiser of us. :)

Mike is a fabulous person, and he is the best husband and dad. Always kind and patient, he loves playing with the girls, and supports me in all my crazy ideas.

He works hard every day of the week and I love how he talks like an engineer.

A few of my favorite engineering quotes:
Our garage door opens earlier from one side than the other, and Mike was contemplating the science of it all: "I wonder if it has something to do with the Doppler effect?" (He later informed me that that was not a smart engineering thing to say, it had nothing to do with the Doppler effect. I was glad he clarified that, because I was worried about that old Doppler.)
Here's another: "Steph, I have calculated the angles for perfect sound optimization." Mike has drawn multiple diagrams of the soon-to-be-built tv room in my parent's basement and performed trigonometry and calculus equations on where the couch and the speakers should go.
I love how excited he gets about engineering and programming, and I try to pretend that I understand, but look at his homework:
Seriously, he is one smart cookie. Not only is he smart, he is the kindest person I know, always willing to help other out and, AND- he puts up with me. What a nice guy.

Mckenzie adores him, every morning that he has to leave early she will wake up and ask, "Where is Daddy?" And when he is home in the morning she is all smiles and happiness.

Hannah loves when he comes home and will kick her little legs in excitement whenever she hears his voice.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
We love you!


Matt & Cris P. said...

Happy Birthday Mike, You old Man!!! We had fun seeing you guys at the races. We need to hang out again soon. It has been too long!

Em Russ said...

Happy Birthday Mike. I love seeing pictures of you as a dad. I'm sure you're absolutely fabulous! I miss getting to spend time with you and laughing with you! The kids and I are coming for a visit next week. Hopefully we will get to see you guys. Steph, (or mike) will you email me so that we can plan something. EmilyRuss at gmail dot com.

ROBYN & KEVIN said...


ROBYN & KEVIN said...

To my favorite Michael, I was looking at the diagram and it is very impressive... but I have one question HUH???

Love, Aunt Nae