Sunday, March 30, 2008

We're off to the chariot races!

For our date this week, Mike and I went to the chariot races. Of course I should have brought my camera so you could see for yourself. Instead I will steal a picture so you can see that they do not wear togas and helmets with brushes on the top, as much fun as that would be. They are very cowboy-ish, with hats, horses, beer, betting, and wranglers. It has been a long time (if ever?) since I've had someone besides Mike call me "hon" or " baby." So it was quite the experience.
Anyway, I was writing a story for the Standard-Examiner about it, and Mike was gracious enough to come along. We are pretty sure we saw a large bottle of vodka being passed around and some illegal betting.

We ran into Matt and Cristina, (they were not the ones with the vodka or doing the betting) who have relatives that race that were really nice to explain all about chariot racing to me. So there were two sides to chariot racing: the beer drinking, betting side, and the family side. A lot of families are involved, and it is kind of fun. All the cowboys were very gracious and it ended up being a fun date, just being with Mike.

In other exciting news, I made something cute. I rarely make cute things. I always have visions of cute things, but these visions are rarely realized. When they are I have to celebrate and take a picture, so my posterity will know that I was not completely helpless in the "cutesy" department.

I made this frame for Josh (my brother-in-law's) birthday, and it was fun. I made one for Dave too, it was almost as cute, but it was my first attempt at frame-making.
Kenzie helped me put the letters on and we had a fun time.

Kenzie and I had a good time this week, making sugar cookies (does anyone have a good recipe for these? Mine is yucky), and playing on our swing set. She said the funniest thing this week. We were on our way to the Chambers, and she said "I want to go to Grandma Vickie's." I told her we were going there tomorrow. "And guess who will be there?" I said. "Aunt Alisha and Uncle Dustin. Won't that be fun?"
"Why mommy, why? Why are they coming? Why will they be here?" I was in ignore mode at that moment and didn't answer, so she said sweetly to herself, "Because Heavenly Father loves me, and so does Aunt Alisha." My heart just melted. So we got to see Alisha and Dustin for a little bit, and that was fun.

This week Hannah is so pleased with herself. She has figured out that she can traverse from table to chairs to anything within reach. She doesn't have black eyes yet, but I am sure they are coming, since she has quite a few falls. She also figured out how to pull herself up in her crib and tonight when we laid her down she stood up and yelled at us. We went down and laughed to see her standing signing, "Eat, eat." That is her favorite sign.


ClingerFamily said...

Charlie's family is big into Chariot racing. I am sure that Charile's brother was there. I still don't totally understand it all, but it is interesting to see. I am glad you enjoyed it!

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

Kudos on the frame making! It is totally cutesy! And I just love Kenzie.. she was so much fun on Sunday with Kandelyn at our house. I can't wait for those days with my little one... P.S. hope you are feeling better!