Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where does the time go?

Jump and Splash!
Shivery wet.
Slosh Sloshy Slosh
Puddles! Puddles! Puddles!

Today we went outside to jump in puddles. I love puddles! I love cute raincoats and little umbrellas and Thomas the Train boots. We totally need some rain boots, but I haven't found any really cute (and/or really cheap) ones yet. We looked all over for worms, but apparently none exist in our subdivision. (Although later we did see one of Kenzie's preschool friends with a worm in a bucket.) As we looked for non-existent worms today I wondered if perhaps it was a sign of how we are ruining the environment. And then I felt all depressed about cement and suburbia. Maybe we were just looking at the wrong time.

Today we also had our Joy school St. Patrick's Day Party. Mindy plans such cute parties. She had the kids go on a treasure hunt and they drank green punch, had green cookies and all got leprechaun hats! Boy was Kenzie excited.

We have been busy this last little bit. Two weekends ago we went snowshoeing with Grandma Vickie (my mom). We went up on the Upper Green Pond trail and had a great time pretending to see animals and looking at where owls live. (In knotholes in trees) Fun stuff!

Then this last weekend I covered the Xterra Winter Games for the Standard up at Snowbasin- I also scored a free ski pass to Snowbasin! Free! Hooray we can afford to go day skiing at least once this season. We're going to go on Monday and I am so excited. It has been a long long time since I have been day skiing. $62/person is a bit above our price range.

Hannah has been so funny lately. I need to do a Hannah post, but it's getting late. Mike has converted me to 11:00 p.m. bedtime (I was previously a nothing past 10:00 girl), but anything after 11:00 just makes me angry. ("How do you feel?" "An-gree")


Anonymous said...

Have a fun time skiing and be sure to wear green or you'll get pinched.
What fun pictures. I am sooo happy that you post more often than Alisha does. I am so tired of looking at that black dot that she says is a moose. ;-)
Grandma Bette

Katie said...

I love that you blog! So do i!! Kenzie is getting so big... she's a doll. i hope you're well and happy!