Monday, March 24, 2008

Why can't I find a dress as cute as these?

Seriously, little girls' dresses are soooooooo cute.
We spent Easter at my Aunt Leslie's (after church of course) with some of my mom's side of the family, and we had a delicious dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. It was really good times. Kenzie loves Jana's girls, Bria and Brandy, and wants to be big like them. ("Those are my friends, huh?) Stetson was an awesome helper, playing with Kenzie and helping her find eggs on the hunt. Today all Kenzie wanted to see was a picture of Stetson helping her with finding eggs and jumping on the tramp. Spencer was really nice to jump on the tramp with her too. In fact, my cousins all rock.

I thought of you Grandma, and wished you were here.

I deviled the eggs, and I was so excited because after 6 years of owning a tupperware called, "the egg carrier" I used it. Mike was impressed, I could tell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Easter pictures. I have been looking for them since Sunday night. I can see that Hannah is changing, but she still looks like Jared when he was her age. Such a cutie. Kenzie is a sweetie pie and growing up way too fast. Sounds like Easter was great.
Love you guys, Grandma Bette

Hollyween said...

Cute pics, Steph.
And I agree that Easter dresses should be made a lot cuter for adults. What gives?