Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweet Stacie

Stacie had a birthday Feb. 26, and we got to go and visit her this weekend, down in Ephraim. Her ward hosts a family day, so Mike and I and the girls tagged along with Reid, Shirley, Scott and Laurie Sat. and went to church with Stacie's ward on Sunday. Then we had a great dinner at the church. Mmmmm brownies. Oh yeah, and soup too.

We had so much fun, and Kenzie was excited to see Stacie and to find another Stacey living in the same apartment. Kenz claimed to have two Aunt Stacie's the whole weekend. She was also pleased to find that Aunt La La had slept in the same bed (at the hotel) with her. We put her to bed early, and Laurie, the kind soul that she is agreed to sleep in the same bed. Kenzie woke up so excited, saying, "Who slept with me? Who slept with me?"

The drive was pleasant, with both girls sleeping most the way (both ways), and thank the inventors of portable dvd players. They probably don't understand the wrecks they've helped avoid. (You know, the wrecks where parents driven crazy by their whining children swerve into oncoming traffic. On purpose.)

Happy Birthday Stacie! You are the sweetest girl! Stacie always does awesome babysitting for us, and she makes everyone feel important. Stacie is always serving and we love her!

Aunt La La is another of our favorite people. She has a good sense of humor and she is always helping us out.


Anonymous said...

Cute blog, Stephanie. Sounds like a great time was had by all. See you in April.
Love, Grandma Bette

Em Russ said...

Oh... I can't believe Stacie is so grown up (and Laurie too!) I remember when they were little. What sweet girls! Happy Birthday Stacie!

Heidi said...

How I love those girls!! Happy Birthday Stacie - we love you!!