Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bitten by a Spider and other meanderings

Yesterday I was washing the dishes, which may or may not have been in the sink overnight, when I grabbed a plate and suddenly felt as if my poor little finger was being stabbed by a really sharp needle. I dropped the plate, and saw that a red-colored spider (we call them crab spiders, but I don't think that's right) was biting my finger!!! It makes me all shivery and nauseous just writing about it. I shook it off into the disposal (with minimal shrieking) and then turned on the in-sink-erator. I hope that spider met a terrible doom. I was completely freaked out. So freaked out that I have decided not to do the dishes again. Ever.
I'm pretty sure I have been bitten by a spider before--but it wasn't while I was paying attention. Mike is hoping that I will develop the ability to spin webs from my fingers and climb walls. Personally I'm just hoping to develop the ability to have multiple children at once that grow up and leave home within the space of a year. In reality, I haven't noticed any effects. I can't even tell where the dang thing bit me and the aversion to dishes might have been a pre-existing condition.
Speaking of conditions, I'm out of the boot! Hooray. I may be prematurely celebrating, because I have to put it back on if it starts hurting again. So far it has been a little achy, but I'm chalking that up to not being used to walking on it. We'll see how it goes this weekend. I'm not supposed to run for another 4-6 weeks. No running, no dishes, what am I going to do with myself?
I guess I'll just eat a lot (on paper plates), not that that's any different than normal.

Anywho . . . what would a meandering post be without some sort of real action?
Before all of the fourth of July excitement, we used our Tracy Aviary pass to get into the zoo. You can get into the Ogden dino park for free and the zoo, on the first Thursday of every month with that thing. We also used it to get into the zoo in Alabama. It's wonderful.

The zoo was pretty crowded, but we had a good time. We got there at about eleven, walked around, ate our lunch and left when Kenzie started throwing a huge fit, right as Hannah was no longer amused, and right before a huge rainstorm settled in.

A lot of people ask us if Kenzie and Hannah are twins, esp. when they are sitting down. They are starting to look a lot alike.

Giraffes are always a crowd pleaser.

Hello Zebras. I didn't get a picture but the girls' favorite were the penguins. We waited around for about 10 minutes hoping the penguins would jump in to the water, but no luck. One waddled up to a rock and looked poised to jump in, but I think he was just taunting us.

Orangutans seem so cuddly and nice, until I remember reading the "Life of Pi." Then I think of them as scary with really long arms.


Melanie J said...

I could watch a penguin exhibit forever. Then I'm overcome with an urge to kidnap one and keep it in my bathtub and I have to leave.

Anonymous said...

Taken out of context, part of your blog is frightening. It's the part where you wrote, "I'm just hoping to have multiple children at once...". Now if you stop reading there, well....... :0)
Be careful what you hope for.

Hollie said...

So, if you have a zoo pass can you get into the dino park and aviary? Not that I expect you to answer, I know how to Google.
Also, I laughed long and hard at the "Personally I'm just hoping to develop the ability to have multiple children at once that grow up and leave home within the space of a year. " Genius.

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

Maybe you'll grow 6 more arms so you can do the dishes and eat and hold babies and clean and read all at the same time, although as a mother of 2 little ones you can probably already do that.
On a side note I just want you to know that I read the "Life of Pi". Aren't you proud of me? I read a book and yes the the orangutan was scary but not scarier than a spider sucking the life out of you.