Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Peg-legged Hobo

So I'm back to the boot. Lately, my favorite look is "the hobo" and the boot goes nicely with this.
Despite the boot, this weekend I'm scheduled to head off to Burley for the Spudman triathlon, where I had aspirations to have the fastest swim time (out of our group of friends that's going), especially since I'm not running.

Those aspirations were squashed when I went up to Pineview with Mike for a little practice. I got in the water, started thinking about tiger muskies and almost drowned. If it weren't for my superior aqua jogging skills (developed reluctantly and bitterly while nursing a college track injury), I don't know what would have happened. I seriously forgot that you are supposed to breath out while under the water. I couldn't figure out why I could only swim a few arm strokes before almost passing out. I was pretty sure my frantic splashing around was attracting swarms of sharp-teethed, hungry muskies too.

On Monday we went back up to Pineview for FHE with Matt and Cristina and Mark and Kristen. Cristina and Mark are also doing the triathlon. Once again my aspirations were squashed as Mark out swam us all and I kept stopping to tread water and admire the scenery. I'm really good at treading water. I wish they would have an aqua jogging race. I could win hands down. Unless my old roommate Sharlyn was racing. She was an awesome aqua jogger who taught me the ways of endless water treading. Oh well, I guess I will just have a good time at this triathlon and try to forget that I am competitive. (I'll still beat your swim time, darling husband)

Now for the family journal part of this post:
Thursday was Stake Lagoon day-- we went with Dave and Summer and my parents came for a little bit to watch the girls. We parked for free at the train station (we were going to ride the train but I was being a brat and we missed it), took the free shuttle to the park and then we got into the park for free and bought $10 worth of tickets. The girls got to ride about 5 or 6 rides and I got my share of dizzying from Tilt-a-Whirl and Music Express. (Ahh such fond memories of Music Express. My favorite memory is riding with Kathryn and Adam in high school and laughing my head off as Adam tried to defy gravity and keep us from squashing him.)
The girls loved it. They loved being with Gracie, their cousin and they loved being dizzy.

This pictures is right before we went on the Tilt-A-Whirl. I wasn't sure how Hannah would react but she laughed her head off the whole time. Kenzie has already been introduced to the thrills of Lagoon. So she handled it like an old pro.

Riding the kids version of the swings with obvious delight.

It's mandatory to ride the car-ride, right?

Hannah cried for a minute when I wasn't going on this ride with her, but then she forgot about me when she saw the steering wheel.

On Saturday we went to visit the Oquirrh Temple. Did you know the Moroni statue was struck by lightning?

Kenzie and Hannah playing in the fountain with Gracie. (Not that I condone this kind of behavior, since it's a holy fountain and all.)

We missed Sherrie and Josh, so we left a spot in our picture to Photoshop them in. They just have to visit the temple and sit on the very edge of the fountain.


Kristina P. said...

I am glad you didn't drown! Scary!

And I haven't been to Lagoon at all this summer. :( It makes me sad.

Mike said...

Hahaha! We'll see about that my sweet love!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Beautiful Temple! Tell more about the lightning...?
And I hope your swim went really well for you!

Amber said...

Ditto on the drowning. But the rest of the photos look like fun, fun fun!

Poor Moroni. I remember when they removed the SLC one for cleaning a few years ago: there were bullet holes.