Friday, October 30, 2009

Abundant Sunshine

I saw this title on a weather webpage (a few weeks ago), and it made me laugh. Abundant Sunshine indeed.
During September Mike and I left the girls with relatives and headed for San Diego with some friends. Now, the jury is out. Do vacations without your children make you a better or worse parent? I could argue either way. It was a nice trip. We are now in debt forever to a number of people who helped take care of the girls while we were gone.

Here's my San Diego scrapblog, finally.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

OK I'm not going to let Trevor see this because he will be really disappointed to have missed it!!

Em Russ said...

"what fun is a kayak trip if Mike doesn't swamp your canoe!"

Awesome and classic Mike! I can almost hear them laughing and teasing each other. makes me miss these guys so much.

Emily Widdison said...

okay, a tad bit jealous...but oh so happy had such a great trip!!
I LOVED your loving my weight post. I am in the same boat...but I'm going out tomorrow to buy new jeans that WILL fit me. I'm sick of that size that I will NEVER EVER fit back into!--they keep teasing me too.