Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You've lost that loving feeling, now it's gone, gone, gone

Sorry, sad neglected little blog. It's been almost a month since I've updated. I'm stuck somewhere in September--the week Mike and I went on vacation without las chiquitas. I just haven't been able to get past sitting on the beach, jumping in the waves, being completely irresponsible.

Also, I've been writing a lot of stories for ye old Standard-Examiner--including election stories, which happen to be the bane of my existence lately. One very nice gentleman called to thank me for the article. "Oh you're welcome," I said.
"There's just one problem," he said.
"Oh, what's that?"
"That's not my last name."
Cue squishy shameful feeling. Enter humiliation. Always check spelling. Even if their name is Harry.* Always, always.

The polka dot girls at Joyschool at our house. Our little schools have been keeping me busy as well. Both girls love to go to school and it has been really fun. Next week I host Kenzie's preschool. We'll see how much fun I think it is after seven four year-olds learn about the letter P with me.

Let's see, what else seems to be happening? After canning my brains out, I'm ready for any major disasters--as long as said disasters involve no shaking, major tornadoes or hurricanes. Because that would break all my bottles. I have an exciting post for you about applesauce but first I have to take some pictures.

Umm, that's just about it for now. As for Mike and I and our challenge, we've lost track of exactly how many points we've earned. I'm going to make up some numbers and post them in my sidebar now. After a rash of devoted scripture reading while riding the bus to work, Mike is one point ahead. And after my cold this past week we both stopped exercising. Call me crazy but working out while you can't breathe seems exceptionally counterproductive to me.

*Not his name.


Dustin said...

Definitely counterproductive to exercise when sick, or tired, or anything else. In fact...who needs it!! ha!
Love the polka dot girls, so cute! I am thinking that you should plan a day trip to come visit a lonely sister that you have up north....let me know when you are coming!!! I'm so excited!

Dustin said...

This is "Alisha" by the way....not Dustin

Rachel Sue said...

Doing anything other than lying on the couch while you can't breathe seems counter productive!

Hollyween said...

I'm guessing that your 'exciting post about applesauce' doesn't involve the applesauce making that you did at MY house. Ya know, since we didn't take any pictures and it wasn't that exciting. heh heh.

I have to tell you that I've felt a lot of guilt about it since you left. That's TWO times you have helped me and received nothing (besides me rambling on and on about myself) in return. Sigh.

I really have to make it up to you somehow. Let's see, I think I'll sew you something. Oh, wait. I don't sew. I know, I'll make you something yummy. Wait. I don't really do much of that either. Crafting? Nope.

I'll think of something. I will.

And thanks....

A million times thanks.

The King Family said...

You have 7 preschoolers? Wow! Brave girl. How have you been? Haven't seen ya forever.