Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Goodbye Ogden Temple

A reminiscence in memory of our favorite LDS temple. . .
When Mike proposed to me he blindfolded me and drove me around wildly (if we were both blindfolded this could be an accurate metaphor for how we raise children).

It was a snowy December 1st, 2001 and to me it sounded like we were driving on a sidewalk or a seamed road. It turned out that we were driving on the sidewalk above Weber State's library. Mike parked the car right there below the gym and where one of the steepest staircases at Weber used to lead down to the library and pulled me out of the car.

When he took my blindfold off we could see the Ogden valley glittering below us in the cold. We could see the library where we were first set up on a date*. We could see the banks of the pond where we first said "I love you," (and made out). And we could see the temple that we had decided to get married in. After Mike romantically pretended to push me down the hill in the snow, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. Oh! My beating heart. I crushed him in an embrace before he could even stand up or put the ring on.

I still remember the day we were married in the Ogden temple-- a feeling that I hold close like the softest of blankets-- Happiness was poured into me. It was a feeling of peace and absolute contentment and commitment to the man I love.

We liked the uniqueness of the Ogden temple. It was beautiful in a different sort of way. I'm a little sad that it's getting a makeover, but I'm glad we have such happy memories and that we were able to go and get some pictures with the girls there before the construction work began.

This is the fountain out front. The whole time Hannah and Kenzie jsut wanted to play in the water and rescue ladybugs.

Out front. Tons of families were there taking pictures and a lday offered to take this one for us. Mike and I are still kicking ourselves for not getting a pictures of just us.

At the fountain again.

In front of the temple. When we were married here the spire was orange, so it had a little "fire and cloud" symbolism.

A bench on the side of the temple where the married couple comes out after the ceremony.

The back of the temple.

The tabernacle is also undergoing some changes so we walked over there and took some pics too.

Mike really likes that scroll work that decorates the tabernacle.


TK said...

That's a Sweet story. The pictures are pretty great too! The Ogden Temple is only going to be closed for two years right? They aren't closing it completely. Right? Wrong?

Marcie said...

I just remembered you got married there. How nice that you got to take your whole family and get some photo's there. It will be strange to have it look different.

Mike said...

Oh, you are so amazing! That was such a memorable day! You forgot to mention how I just pointed at everyone the whole time. I must have been in shock! I wish I could have had a vision back then of this moment at this temple 10 years later with an even hotter wife (same wife, just that she has gotten hotter) and 3 adorable little girls. I don't think I would have had the capacity to take it in. I am so blessed!

Tori said...

What a great story and so glad you got pictures of it before the construction! I'm a fool to follow Mike's super sweet comment.