Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike

I've known this man for 10 years now. 10! And he's still as hot as ever. Happy Birthday! You're the best husband in the entire mongscong.

Things Mike is good at:
1. Wiring. Yeah, he's pretty wired.
2. Any sort of sport. He's good at everything he tries. Honestly, this man can do anything, including beat me in every race, even if he's coming off the couch and I'm coming off 6 months of intense training.
3. Being nice. Mike is so nice that birds follow him all around. Because just like me, they long to be, close to him. No really. He's a nice guy, and he always finishes first in my book.
4. Laughing. I love it when I can hear Mike laugh. I love making him laugh too.
5. Daddy-stuff. Mike is good at taking care of his girls. Just tonight he started sewing a patch on Ellie's pajamas, because he was afraid she would be cold if her toes poked out of the holes. (Yeah, these jammies have been through three girls and they're losing the battle.)
6. Husband-stuff. Right now, one of the best things Mike does is take care of the girls while I'm writing a story or off doing church-calling stuff, or out working out.
7. Fixing things. Mike hasn't met a polly pocket, a dishwasher, a laptop, a situation that he hasn't been able to fix.
8. Patience. Mike is a very patient man. He has four girls to take care of. 
9. Speaking Engineering and Doing Engineering. I'm not sure exactly what his work entails, but it's very elaborate and math-involved. And it involves airplanes. And aliasing. And large computer screens. Whenever he speaks of it I have to ask him to please dumb it down a bit. And Dilbert? That comic is written for him.
10. Drawing Homer, from The Simpsons. He has passed this particular talent on to Kenzie, who has adorned our driveway with chalk drawings of Homer ever since.

I made Mike take the day off work for his bday because I wanted to take him to Salt Lake to get some form-fitted ski boots, which he has wanted for-ev-er.
When Kenzie got home from school she asked me where Daddy's present was. I said, "Shhh! You can't tell him but I am going to take him to get some ski boots."  Of course, Kenzie walked right out to the couch and said, "I'm going to whisper what we're getting Daddy to Ellie." Mike was holding Ellie on his lap, and Kenzie's whispering skills are about as good as my cooking skills--sometimes I get it right, but othertimes it's a real doozy. Mike just laughed and said, "What?! You're taking me to get a ski boat?"  So that was the joke of the day.

After a Burger Bar lunch we dropped the girls off at Gmas and we headed to Black Diamond, where they were out of his size :(.   Oh well, that just means we have to have another date!
That night we invited Mike's family and my parents over for some cake and ice cream. Except I forgot to buy ice cream, so it was just cake--the perfect cake for Mike. We call it "Better than Ezra" cake, you know that kind that you pour caramel over chocolate cake and then put whip cream on top with pieces of Heath candy bar.   

Holding a card from my parents.

That night we sang to Hannah and let her open a few presents too, since her birthday was coming in two days. Here is Mike, holding Hannah and a book that I made for her.

Look, doesn't my arm make a nice window?


charbetrichey said...

11. Mike is always happy and smiling.
12. Mike is nice to your Grandma.
Hey, this blog could go on for days.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Thanks so much sweet baby Ray (and Grandma too)! How is it that you can make the tops of my ears tingle? I don't know how I ever lucked out to be with such an amazing mate. I love you! That was such an amazing birthday. Steph always goes out of her way to make it a special day for me. We have since gone back to Black Diamond and the ski boots are amazing! I can't wait to climb some mountains with them! By the way, just a few notes on Steph's list:
3-One time me and Mike Hale were in the library at Weber State. He had some sheet music to the birds song. I asked him if I could write on it. I didn't realize (though I should have because of his mischevious smile and willingness to let me) that he was giving it to Steph. So I changed a few lyrics around, such as substituted the word eagles for birds. "Why do eagles suddenly appear" I guess Steph was trying to read into/interperet that for months! 5-Notice she didn't say that I finished my little sewing experiance. She was kind enough to come save me from myself and my cursing and she finished the "Little Orphan Annie" patchwork, as she describes it.