Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Today it rained and rained and I wish I could show you a picture titled, "Flustered Mother Entering Car with Umbrella" for your laughter and enjoyment. Unfortunately, I was the flustered mother and was unable to capture the wet moment in all its door-rebounding, umbrella mashing, soaked glory.
You know the funny thing about having three children? (Besides pretending that you've gone deaf when they whine?) Time disappears. Like I said before, this motherhood thing is really sinking its teeth into me and I'm finding less and less time to spend on the computer.

One of the ways that I excuse all the time I spend on the blog/computer is that I tell myself, "This is my family journal." This half-lie is nice and all but here's me reading this blog to Kenzie:
"And we [edit out sarcasm] to the park. [Scan next four paragraphs, edit them out] Boy it was fun."
If I'm going to continue to cultivate my saintly image of Mother of the Year with my girls, I'm going to have to develop a family blog more along the lines of "Everything is Fabulous and We Always Wear Matching Clothes and Have a Loaf of Bread baking in the Oven." Because I'm pretty sure a lovely write-up of our lives will trump our actual memories. So if I pretend that we are perfect, we will be. :) Right? Right.

So, blah, blah, the point of all this is, that the family portion of this blog has gone private. I'm maintaining this particular blog as my personal journey to Sainthood, so go ahead and keep me on your blog roll, or in google reader, or follow me, or whatever it is that you do, but I'm not sure what I'm going to write about, or how often I'm going to write. (It's been pretty sporadic since Ellie was born. Sorry.)

I should come up with a new name for this blog like, "Mother of the Year"  or "The Saintly Mother"  or "How to Raise Children Without Slashing Your Wrists"  all wonderful titles, but I bet they're all taken.

I wish I could make some sort of commitment to you my readers (she says bowing to the imaginary crowd), but I'm not at the point where I can do that right now.

If you like my writing you can always catch me on the Sports page in the Standard-Examiner or in a bi-monthly column in the magazine.

And if you really want to read sappy (not snappy, sappy) write-ups about our perfect family trips and wonderful life you're going to have to be my Grandma. Okay, okay, if you really care about Ellie's height and weight and want to hear all about Kenzie's brilliance and how Hannah has the best sense of humor ever, then you can email me for an invite. But it's going to be sappy and oozing with cheesy family love. I promise.

P.S. Dear Reader who asked me what size PVC pipe is in the bunkbed tent- I'm sorry I can't find your comment to reply, so I hope you are reading this. It's 1/2" pipe with 1/2" T-joints. Does that make sense?



Anonymous said...

I haven't been that great about blogging either. It's supposed to be my online journal. But I would say less than a quarter of our life actually makes it into my blog. Because a lot is just plain family drama that doesn't need to be aired to my public. =)

Melissa said...

Stephanie you are the best writer!! I love to read your blog and would love to read about all the "perfect" things you do with your family. I will get you the email address later I can't remember it.

Sherrie said...

Never regret that you're giving up your blog for the chance of enjoying every hair raising moment of early motherhood. My baby will turn 4 this fall, and I'm already feeling like I've missed something.

some days there is bread in the oven. some days we match. mostly there is crusty cereal dried to the floor and peanut butter smeared on the counter. and a pair of underwear stuffed somewhere, I only know because I can smell it, but I can't find it.

Will miss your writing. Terribly.

charbetrichey said...

WHAT, you aren't going to blog anymore? How can that be and what will I have to look forward to? I just might have to turn to the bottle to take up the rest of my time on this earth. Stop this insane thinking!!! Oh, I am your Grandma, so where do I find this information?
This is a sad day for all your fans and followers. Indeed it is. This is my sad face ;-(

Em Russ said...

I don't care what you're writing, PLEASE let me keep reading it... please, please, keep writing it!! emilyruss at g mail

Kim said...

I just barely found your blog and I love reading it! You write very well! I think I love reading your blog because I relate to it! I will totally understand if you dont want me as a follower though :) If you decided that you do, my email is kbyama at g mail
By the way, this is Kim Yamashita :) You can look at my blog if you like... kimbradykids dot blogspot dot com

Kristen and Gang said...

You hafta invite me. I believe you have my email.

Marly said...

So, I saw you at Women's conference and by the time I could remember your name, you were too far away. I'm cool like that. :-P
I'd love to read how perfect your life is! I know I like to write how perfect mine is my journal.

Jessica Oberg said...

Stephanie, you have the best and funniest blog Inhave ever read. I am sobbing at the thought of you not writing it anymore. You rock!