Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Hairdresser

Really all I want is a haircut that
1. Looks good tucked behind my ears
2. Is short so it's off my neck in the summer
3. Still works into a sassy cute ponytail (minus those stupid bobby pins) for running (and other events that are ponytail friendly, like life)
4. Is wash and go and looks good after just a blow dry. You know, just in case I don't wake up until the girls do, and have to take a shower, get dressed and "do" my hair all while they whine and cling to my legs.
5. Makes me look feminine, so that when I choose not to wear make-up (lately every day but Sunday) people do not mistake me for some strange androgynous person.

That's it. I don't know why this seems impossible. Seriously, I'm not asking much.

Yesterday, when I went for my twice yearly haircut, Mike said to me, almost pleadingly, "You have a haircut? How short are you going to go?"

Mike pretends that he likes my hair at whatever length I cut it, but it's comments like these that reveal his true desire for long, silken tresses.

When we met I had short hair, and I have generally speaking always had short hair, but last summer I grew it out for Locks for Love. It was long-- and that was about its only attribute. Mike loved it. It seriously just hung on my head, looking, well, dead. I always pulled it back in a ponytail. I have never mastered the cute ponytail either, so that didn't even look good.

The one time it looked good was when Shaelynn (my sister) did it for Alisha's (my other sister's) wedding. That required a can of hairspray, two curling irons and a half an hour. Do you know what I can accomplish in half an hour? Hair is not one of the things I think about when given a half hour of free time.

Sometimes I think about growing my hair out long again, just to please Mike, because I like him, a lot :) But it's summer time right now and we still have children and my curling iron is broken.


Em Russ said...

Several months (ok, like a year) after the twins were born I got out my blow dryer and my curling iron and Lila said "mommy, what's THAT?"... Let me know when you find the dream haircut!

Mike said...

Just to set the record straight...I do love her hair, in whatever length it presently finds itself. What I do not like is to hear her complaining that she can't get her hair to stay in a ponytail or stopping on a run so she can bobby pin it back up. I've told her 5 or 4 times that there is a simple solution to that...But I do think she looks fabulous with her new haircut!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the picture of your new haircut? Don't listen to Mike when it comes to long hair. What do men know about a woman's hair? (love you Mike) Post a picture, I would love to see your hair.

Dustin and Alisha said...

I love the way you tell stories! I really like that Mike commented on this post, you guys are funny! I am with Grandma, I want to see a picture!!!

Natalie said...

You are such a talented writer! And yes, I too feel your hair pain Ü

Just one of the Boys said...

I fell as though I might know alittle somthing in this area :) First of all, you have the most thick and beautiful hair I have ever seen( well, you and your sisters - we other Hansen girls got screwed in the hair department)
Second, I think it was very pretty when it was long but also looks good short
Third, I understand the time issue with little kids(only wash mine every 3 days to save time - sick I know)
So in conclusion I really have given you no helpful information.
I think you should try something in a medium length for alittle while. Then you and Mike will both be happy:)

Stephanie and Co. said...

If I want a really good haircut, then I go to Marci (above). Seriously, every time I go there I walk away with a great cut. If only she would open a salon closer :) Thanks Marci! When I really decide to treat myself, I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

shave your head! then you don't have to worry about pony tails or bobby pins or any of that garbage. It truly is the wash and go hair style that every girl has been wishing for. Just watch out you're not confused for a skinhead or anything.


I grew my hair out for nearly 3 years for Locks Of Love and only got occasional trims to keep the split ends at bay......Houston hit the high 90's last week with 100 percent humidity......I got rashy....and then I got desperate and went to have my hair cut.

I like the short layered bob the stylist decided to give me when she got irritated with me for not being able to articulate what I wanted. It's a win for Locks Of Love and a win for me and my heat rashed neck!


The severed ponytail is very disturbing looking. I'm hiding it in case any bald man desires to steal it to make himself a wig that looks like it was fashioned from a dead squirrel.

Hollyween said...

I get you on the hair thing. My hair lady is always hinting to me that my hair looks better straight. But it's so much easier to do it curly and throw it in a messy ponytail. When it's straight and in a ponytail, it looks greasy and I actually have to wash it. That's a problem.