Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day, Mike style

Mike with Kenzie at the hospital

Mike with Hannah at the hospital

Here I was all ready to buy Mike a nice, conservative watch for Father's day, with maybe a sappy card too, but on Monday he says to me, very excitedly,
"Steph! STP is touring again and they are coming to Salt Lake on Wednesday!"
"Not STP!" I probably said in mock excitement. Mike's musical tastes are shall we say, different from mine.
I enjoy the occasional hard rock song, and I even listened to a whole cd of Aerosmith once, and I liked it. Mike loves STP (Stone Temple Pilots), and his favorite song ever (I remember this from when we were dating), is "The Big Empty" by STP. This is one of the mysteries of Mike I enjoy, but don't understand at all. In fact, the first time Mike kissed me, he played me this song, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and ran away.
Another fond STP memory I have was when we were once listening to their cd in the car when "Silvergun Superman" came on. Here's a sampling of the probably drug-induced lyrics, "Find you in the dark/Read you like a cheap surprise/Without shame/Sell me out, and frame your name/I can hear when the pig whispers sweetly/Jealousy is the weapon you kill me."
Mike said to me, "That's so strange."
"Yes," I nodded my head and Mike continued:
"Jealousy is the weapon, you kill me. Don't you think that's kind of strange?"
"Oh," I said. "I thought the strange part was about the pig whispering sweetly."

Mike and I still laugh about that. So I guess STP is inextricably mixed up in my happy memories of dating Mike.
Anyway, somehow I found myself surrounded by beer-drinking, dancing and singing (and some pot smoking) lovers of STP at the concert on Wednesday. (Mike was not one of the drinkers or smokers) I gave in to Mike's excitement and instead of a watch he got tickets.
They opened with "The Big Empty" and played tons of songs that Mike really loved. I had a great time because Mike was so pleased. And I must admit it was really fun when I knew some of the songs and could sing along with all the drunk people. I only wished I had some leather pants to wear. . .
So, it was a way better gift to give than a watch.

Mike- You're an amazing dad! I'm so happy that I get to raise our little girls with you. You are always patient and kind. And just remember, "When Hannah is sad she says, 'mamamama', and when Hannah is happy she says, 'dadadada'." (according to Kenzie) Our girls adore you, and so do I.
Happy Father's Day to our dads too! We love you.

Grandpa Alan holding Hannah the day she was born.

Grandpa Reid with a fresh crop of grandkids.


Anonymous said...

Mikey does make a cute Daddy. You are a good wife going to the concert with him. It sounds like really weird music to me, but then my music sounded like horrible music to my grandparents.
Love you all, GB

Hollie said...

You are so funny! I found your blog through Marcie, I think. Anyway, you made me laugh! I'm not laughing at you- just with you!

Just one of the Boys said...

Hey Stephanie I love the pictures of Mike holding your girls,you can see what a proud papa he is. And quite young looking in the first picture I might add. Your nice to support his music choices,Sean has some weird one's too - must be a guy thing!

Melisa said...

is'nt it funny what we do with our husbands just because it makes them happy. It sounds like you got one of the good ones too.

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

I have some leather pants for your next concert.... blue, red, silver or black!! just let me know!

Hollyween said...

I dated a guy who liked STP. He was obsessed. He liked to make out to their music too. Hmmm... I wonder what the connection is there? Weird.

I definitely am with you and DO NOT like STP. NO offense, Mike. You're a good wifey to go to the concert to him. I'm so glad you made it home alive.

Emily and Kyle said...

I loved that type of music in high school but every time I listen to it now, I ask why? But good for you Mike. I'm glad you had fun! Hey, we are refinishing our piano and saw your post about yours. Are you sanding by hand? Bad idea. We went and invested in a real sander for about 60 bucks...awesome! and very fast. So, if you still need to work on yours, get a real sander! we also refinished a couple end tables and it took a while but not too long. I'm worried about the piano now after looking at your post...hmmmm...I sent the link to Kyle so we will have to decide later what to do. Loved your photos from your camping trip. Glad you went and not me. I like camping, but I don't like being cold at all. We went to park city for our 6th anniversary and it was cold enough for me there.