Sunday, June 1, 2008

A conversation with Kenzie

Every day I have some form of this conversation with Mckenzie:

Kenzie, excitedly and loudly, every time she sees someone wearing a tanktop: "Look mom, she's wearing a tank top!"
Me, wearily, trying to be quiet: "Yes. I see that."
Kenzie, loudly: "Why is she wearing a tank top mom?"
Me, quietly, trying desperately to think of a good answer: "She must be hot."
Kenzie: "Why are we not wearing tank tops?"
Me, knowing this answer can only last a week or two longer: "Because. It's not summer. We don't wear tank tops."
Kenzie: "When it's summer I will wear tank tops."
Me, mumbling incoherently: "Mmmm."
Kenzie then proceeds to relate instances of friends wearing tank tops, and friend's mothers wearing tank tops and aunts wearing tank tops, and strangers from months back wearing tank tops at Zion National Park. Her memory is excellent in this subject.

I don't know where she got this obsession. (I think I've worn one once, when I ran a race or something.) Last year, she had a couple of tank tops that she wore, but they were just clothes. Now they are the coolest things ever. Tank tops are better than princesses. I could probably bribe her to eat all of her dinner, all by herself, veggies included, and even some extra squash, if I told her she could wear a tank top.

I waffle on the subject. I try to explain that we're different. We don't wear tank tops unless we wear something over or under them, or unless we're exercising.

I can't decide if giving in to her tank top wants is setting her up for a lifetime of immodesty, or if it is no big deal, and I just don't buy any, it will go away. We had a Family Home Evening on modesty once, but the modesty concept was well above her head, so we only talked about our swim suit area, how we always keep it covered. (Nothing like explaining modesty to a three-year-old to remind you of how ridiculous it is that all standards of modesty are dropped as long as you're "swimming")

I think I am coming to the conclusion that I will just let her wear the tank tops we already have (I think she has 3 that still fit), and just not buy anymore. Although, I know that once I let her wear a tank top she will become completely incensed if no tank tops are clean, and we will have to experience all sorts of unpleasantness until she realizes I am not letting her wear her popsicle-grass- stained tank top, and I am not washing it every night either.

What is your theory on tank top wearing?


Anonymous said...

My vote is let her wear a tank top. All of my girls wore them. Aunt Beverley even had a halter top when she was about 6 and she doesn't wear them now, to my knowledge. :-) If I were you, I'd buy a couple of more to help out on the washing. Sometimes if they can't wear stuff like that when they are little, they go overboard with it when they make the decisions. In my most humble opinion, I know I am right. Grandma Bette

Amber said...

I was thinking about this just the other day when I was walking through Super Target. I have never bought my 4-year-old a tank top. I haven't made the conscious decision not to be obviously subconsciously I just don't want it to be a part of her wardrobe and it hasn't been an issue!

Carly said...

Hey Stephanie. Joyschool was a lot of fun. We are going to do it again with Hannah next year. I had a friend that made my wrap for me after Hannah was born. Me and my sister have a etsy site where she sells them. Check it out,
I make the hair clips on there.

Also, I saw that you ran the odgen matathon relay again, how fun!! We are currently training for a half marathon, so far it's been a lot of fun!! Talk to you later.

joyce said...

Hi Stephanie!!
Just checking in... your post really piqued my interest. Can I just say that in this issue I am really grateful that I have only boys!!! I am so anti-tank top and anti-bikinis and anti-tankinis, etc. I hate how some parents really encourage that sort of dress. But I also think you have to be careful (like Bette said) that you don't make them seem bad or else some personalities will become way too tempted and be more enticed by them. But, if it were me (I am way too conservative sometimes) I wouldn't by her anymore. She's seems like a smart cookie. I think you should start out young knowing how you should dress or not dress. There's my two cents!!! Take it or leave it!!