Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Grandpa, why are you wearing a dress?"

Yesterday, my dad had knee-replacement surgery, so when we went to visit tonight, and Grandpa stood up to walk out of the hospital room (make sure you walk in front of grandpa, kids), Kenzie said,
"Grandpa why are you wearing a dress?" She was so shocked. And I think a little pleased.
We had to answer lots of "why" questions on the way home. "Why did Grandpa need a new knee?" "Why is he in the hospital?" "Why was Grandma staying with him?" "My knee hurts too. And my arm." "When my knee is really really really old, will I get a new one?"

Today was Kenzie's last day of Joyschool. I am so sad. Now what am I supposed to do? Count the days down until next fall, when Joyschool begins again. I hate to admit it, because I feel like a bad mom, but I love Kenzie-free time. I love Kenzie-full time, in small doses, with regularly scheduled breaks.
It was a fun year though, and it was really good for Kenzie to "learn".
"Kenz, what did you learn today?"
"We ate a snack. I learned how to be nice. We played with the toys. I ate a snack." Every week, that's what she learned. She should have the being nice part down by now.
I also enjoyed teaching once every seven weeks, and getting to know the kids. They were all so funny in their own little way. I'm looking forward to our graduation party, which will be more for the adults than for the kids. :) The picture above is at the Roy fire station Joyschool trip. If you want to read a funny post about that, see Kristen's blog. (Although it's private, so sorry if you can't get in.)

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