Thursday, May 1, 2008

Duct tape: A man's best friend

Last night, Mike cleaned up dinner (he does this all the time, isn't he nice?). This is what I was greeted with this morning in the fridge. Duct tape is truly a man's best friend.

Last night we also took advantage of the last free day of the Frontrunner train and took the girls on a ride after dinner. We planned to visit the museums at Union Station but they close at 5:00 p.m. Yes, 5:00. Ogden is a happening place you know.

Kenzie was absolutely delighted with the train and stared out the window the entire time, smiling.
Hannah just chilled in her stroller, not impressed. It was standing room only. I wonder if it will be like that when it is not free?

Mike is excited to ride it to school in the fall, if students get a discount. The price for a round-trip ticket to SL is $11.00. It's cheaper to drive right now, and the bus is free for U students. I guess we will see.


Mike said...

I couldn't find the lid...What was I supposed to do?

ClingerFamily said...

So I keep a roll of duct tape at the front of my classroom and whenever a student won't be quiet, I tell them one of my favorite quotes while walking towards them with my duct tape. The quote is this: "Silence is golden.....but duct tape is silver"! And then I ask them to tell what that quote means. About half the time they get it. Ha Ha Ha

The King Family said...

Looks like fun!! Where do you get your cute backgrounds? Aren't you supposed to display their link or something?? Or are you one of those who just likes one-upping everyone else? Ha Ha.

Stephanie and Co. said...

Kellie- I love the duct tape quote. If I ever teach again, I'm using your idea.
I'm all about having the cutest stuff. Haven't you noticed my fabulous clothes? :)
My background paper and header stuff is from I love their free kits!
It didn't say anything about linking to their site, but I guess that would be the nice thing to do.

Anonymous said...

This is the first chance I had to check out your blog since we got home. How darling! Love the background and, of course, I love the pictures.
It was great to see you Friday night. Doesn't Alisha look cute?
Grandma Bette

Hollyween said...

Way cute background and header. You're a pro! How did you do your header??

The duct tape thing is hilarious.

Oh, and to answer you (VERY LATE) about the blogging community... just start commenting on their blogs and they'll comment on yours and then maybe next year YOU can go to Blogapalooza too!!! It was so much fun!

ROBYN & KEVIN said...

ha ha.. I tagged you!