Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Laundry Discoveries

I used to be okay with laundry. We weren't exactly pals, but we weren't worst enemies either. I sorted clothes, I washed them, I dried them (removing them immediately from the dryer to avoid ironing), I folded them, and I put them away. Now I'm afraid that laundry is crossing the faintly drawn line of truce. It has become difficult.
With two small children, I now not only have to sort, wash, dry and fold clothes, I have to stain stick them (in unusual places, like the back of knees, and the hems of long sleeves), and then wash them again, and stain stick them one more time, because I'd hate to throw away this cute little shirt that Aunt Soandso gave us when Hannah was born. And then I have to sigh because I can still see the chocolate/grape juice/grass/dirt stain. In addition to this much detested step of stain sticking (or spraying), sometimes I even have to iron, because I can't get to the dryer right away. Heaven help us. To me ironing is like wearing make-up-- I only do it because if I don't I'm afraid someone will think I'm a slob, and sometimes I just don't care enough about what other people supposedly think to do it. Seriously, our society should get over wrinkles or move to completely wrinkle-free clothes.
Anyway, this wasn't supposed to turn into some rant against the ills of society, what I meant to do was talk about our week in a cute laundry-related way. My hatred of laundry got in the way, as well as a bad experience at the doctor's today. Speaking of hatred, I hate doctor visits more than anything, even ironing. I will not go into details about the doctor visit because a. it was humiliating enough at the doctors and b.I would really start to rant then.
So my week in stains and laundry:
On Hannah's pajamas I successfully stain-sticked a strawberry stain right at the belly level of her shirt. This week was full of delicious strawberries! Mmm.
On my new shorts I unsuccessfully tried to get out a crayon stain at the knee. This stain was from Hannah testing out her drawing and eating skills with crayons. Washable my foot.
On Kenzie's pink shirt (they are all pink, and if they were once white, they are now pink), I successfully removed a grape juice stain from Sunday dinner at Chambers. I love that grape juice, but I sure hate that my kids can't seem to keep it off their clothes.
From a large stinky bag, I finally removed our Sat. Ogden Marathon Relay running clothes and successfully washed them. These clothes cannot be dried because you're not supposed to use fabric softener on them. Talk about dumb. How do you remove static if you can't use dryer sheets?This is my favorite picture because it makes me laugh. Look carefully, that is not Hannah's finger.
Anyway, we ran the relay with Matt and Cristina and we had a great time!We did it in 3:10. We were 7th overall in the race, and 4th in our category. And Cristina is pregnant. She is amazing! We had tons of fun and we're going to do it again next year, we just want 4-6 more people to form another team with us, so we have someone to hang out with at the exchanges. Let me know if you're interested. :)
Well, good luck everyone with your laundry. May the stain-stick be with you.


ROBYN & KEVIN said...

Uh huh sure that's not Hannah's finger. But if you look more closely at the picture, Mike looks like he has an earring in his right ear. What other secrets do you need to share with the family?? Did you secretly get a tattoo after the race??

Anonymous said...

I know that's Hannah's finger, I taught her. I know you hate ironing, I taught you. I think we do have to talk about makeup, however. :-)
Grandma Bette

ClingerFamily said...

You can count me OUT on the running! But thanks for the offer. :-)

Em Russ said...

I think you're officially my favorite blogger. I HATE laundry too. Thanks for the laugh!