Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awesome moms

Happy Mother's Day! Three women that I love in my life and hope to inherit qualities from:
1. I love my mom and I am so grateful for all she has sacrificed. I hope that I can be as patient as she is, as forgiving, and as willing to give of myself as she is. Thanks mom! I love you.
2. My Grandma Bette. I love her sense of humor and how she makes me feel as if I am her favorite grandchild. (I think she makes all of us feel that way.) I hope that I can be as fun-loving and adventurous as she is. I love you Grandma, in beautiful downtown K-town.
3. My Mother-in-law, Shirley. Talk about patient and kind. I can only hope to be a fraction as kind as she is. Her patience is legendary. Thanks so much Shirley, for everything. I love you.

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Hollyween said...

Very sweet, Stephanie. You come from a great line of women!