Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mullet phobia

Hannah got her first haircut this week. She was developing what I fondly refer to as a baby mullet. Mike is ever so sentimental about haircuts, and I have to tell you, I just don't understand. It's hair. It looks bad. It must be cut.
I'd been threatening a Hannah haircut for some time, but had neglected my duties as a mother, and she developed the B-mullet.
I don't have a better picture, but she was starting to look like an eighties hearthrob. Adorable still, but lacking in style. So I lopped off the mullet on Thursday. When Mike came home he said, "You cut her hair, didn't you?"
"Yes, she had a mullet."
"Why? She's too little for a haircut. Do you have some sort of mullet-phobia?"
Yes. I have mullet-phobia. There you go. I think it stems from a couple of bad haircuts I got when I was going for the "Meg Ryan" look. Now you know how to torture me--just threaten a mullet.
Here is another bad picture of her new haircut. You can't tell, but she no longer has a b-mullet. For more mullet fun, join the Mulletia.


Alisha said...

Ohhhh! I think she looks cute with her haircut. I'm on your side with cutting her mullet off. Otherwise she might grow up and curse you for leaving her with one. I would have, cause baby mullets are totally not in fashion :)

El Jefe said...

I was thinking of creating an award for memorable mullets; the award would be called "The Mullitzer Prize." To be given for excellency in mulletosis. When did Hannah come on the scene? I guess it has been a while since we saw you guys. Last I remember was Kenzie choking on bananas in church.

ROBYN & KEVIN said...


Amber said...

I dunno. I saw some Mullet shampoo last weekend in Jackson, WY that would have gone perfectly. :-)

Kim said...

Another village-er checking in! We are kruchekfamily on blogspot. Congrats on the second princess! She's a cutie. It's fun to see the kids we knew so much bigger now. And I agree with the mullet chopping. Mullets (even on babies) just need to be eradicated.

Mike said...

Alright. So, I need to add to this controversy, of course. When Steph cut Kenzie's hair for the first time, she didn't even keep a lock of it, and didn't tell me she was cutting it. So this time, when I saw she had cut it, I asked Steph if she had at least kept some of it for the kids back home. She had, she assured me. So the next day, I look down next to the computer and see this big clump of hair. Mistaking it for a wolf spider, I started screaming (jk). But going in for closer examination, I realize that this was the lock of hair getting rubbed into the carpet. So, I gathered it up and fastened it with scotch tape (see first picture). So I saved the lock of hair from the vaccum.