Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mike's first day of school

So everyone else got to do a post about their babies going to school and how sad it was (or how happy), so I felt all left out, until I realized my Baby--Mike-- has started school and I can do a back-to-school post!
This is Mike's last semester at the U and then he will be a died-in-the-wool, pocket-proctector-wearing, confusing-explanation-of-natural-phenomena, Engineer. Actually, he already is that, minus the pocket protector. In December he'll have earned his Master's degree and will be just one degree (an Institute of Religion degree) behind me. :)
I wish I had grabbed the camera to capture his first day, you'll have to settle for this picture of him trying out for the Sexiest Toupee Ever.
Something (no I can't remember what) was happening on Mike's first day of school, so we didn't properly celebrate, but on Mike's second day of school, Kenzie, Hannah and I dropped him off at the train station (Hooray for FrontRunner and a free University pass). I'm happy to report that there were no tears, he promised to play nice with the other students, and he packed his own lunch. Good job Mike!!
When he returned that night at 5:00ish, we ruined our dinner by greeting him with chocolate chip cookies and milk (an idea stolen from my friend Kathryn) and he told us all about his classes: "Embedded Systems" "Fourier Optics" "Holography" and then a class to write for the "Host." It was like listening to scary stories in a foriegn language.
I think they should teach a class for Engineers called, "How to Dumb Down What You Are Doing so Your Wife and Friends Can Understand." Apparently that is not something they offer. Actually we had an understandable conversation about how hard his classes might be, what his teachers were like and his prospects for lab partners. I love the cookies and milk tradition.
Mike only has classes on Tues and Thurs this semester, so we will probably get to see a little more of him in the mornings! HOORAY! He'll still have to do a lot of homework on his off days, probably by hiding in the basement, but he doesn't have to leave at 6:00 a.m. to get to work.

Speaking of work (and in desperate need of a transition), the DPC strikes again! I finally decided to paint it black and distress it. Actually, it's already distressed, you know, where I sanded through the veneer (and then viciously kicked and hit it when I found I had ruined it). I am done sanding. I am done stripping. (Insert stiffled giggles and snorts and jr. high humor here.) Now I am ready to paint.
While I was stripping (more snorts) the last piece of the piano, the key cover, which was a difficult four sided affair, I thought about making a lovely do-it-yourself home video to share with you all, but what with all the swearing and running from the room screaming when I accidentally got some on my arm, it wouldn't have been very family friendly. Just kidding. I actually didn't think I had the right sort of outfit or a cheerful enough attitude to make one of those "DIY" videos that I watch on HGTV.
My goal is to have the DPC painted by no later than September 27. (I have to work during naptime and at nights) So, someday, if I manage to paint the piano rather than pour gasoline on it and light it on fire (with my double jogger), I will remove the plastic sheeting from my living room (a lovely decorating feature that wins friends and influences people), get my carpets cleaned, and post some pictures of it. That is, if I can remember how to reassemble it.


Hollyween said...

Whoa. You guys are smart. There's you with the mask on stripping and stuff and then there's your husband and his engineer degree. I don't think I'm worthy of reading your blog anymore. Me not smart enuf.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I couldn't figure out who was in the last picture, so I had to enlarge it. What a surprise to find Stephanie. Keep up the good work on the piano. We are looking forward to seeing it when it is finished on our next trip to Utah. Hugs. GB

Amber said...

Wow, you'll be married to a real-live geek engineer? I can relate! I was born into a family of them. :-)

Amber Chappell said...

I love reading your blog. You are way funnier than any one person ought to be. I love your high school humor joke about "stripping" - for some reason it reminded me of your dancing with that broom we stole from the neighbors garbage can in college. You were always such a great dancer!

Stephanie and Co. said...

Oh great-- broom dancing and stripping. I must be certifiably crazy.
And if I were smart, Holly, I definitely wouldn't have taken on this piano project.


You look like a professional stripper. Maybe you should open up your own Strip Club?

Kim said...

I can't believe you refinished a piano. That. Is. Amazing. Plus I agree that you're totally hilarious. I wish my blog was a little more exciting. Maybe I should buy an ugly piano. :)

Really, though, we have some furniture that I am DYING to refinish, but I don't have the guts (or the space to do it in). Maybe I'll just pay you.

kristi lou said...

Steph! Holy Smokes! I love reading your stuff! HILARIOUS!!

and Good luck with DPC!