Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A farewell to summer

September is flying by faster than Hannah goes through diapers--and with her diarrhea of late that's pretty fast. Ewww.
I'm a little sad to see summer end, (like two weeks ago), and I'm all into "Odes" so I thought I would write a little Ode to Summer:
Summer was fun and
Now it is done.
The End.
Here's some NEVER SEEN BEFORE photos that tell a little more about our Summer:
Joyschool Graduation. Hooray for Kenzie! She now knows that she prefers toys at everyone else's house and Bologna is good.

My parents have a giant rhubarb plant on the side of the house. Kenzie kept eating it and pulling faces, saying, "I like it Mom. I really like it." Hannah really did love it.

Swimming lessons at the Roy pool. We took these in June for two weeks everyday and now Kenzie will dunk her head under the water. I wish that it had been like twice a week or something. Kristen helped me out by watching Hannah while I swam with Kenzie.

What's summer without at least one fat lip? Hannah propelled herself into my parents stair railing and bit through her top lip. Since we are bad parents we didn't take her to the doctor--we made her tough it out with a popsicle.

We moved the girls into the same room so we could make a playroom where all the toys stay, never cluttering our house again. Right. Mike wasn't going to move the rocking chair, but I almost cried because Hannah is still my baby. She needs to be rocked. Look at how much she loves it. :)

Let's do some fashionable sweeping. We like to assign chores at an early age. My floor is alwasy spotless thanks to Hannah's skill. Actually, I think my floor could be the testing ground for NASA super-adherents. If only they would use a little milk/cheerio/applesauce paste they would never lose parts off the space shuttle again.

Does Kenzie look better as a brunette?

Picking flowers in Grandma and Grandpa's yard after swimming in the alligator pool. My flowers did not grow like this, and they were from the same bulbs as my mom's. Instead they took so long to bloom that I decided to check to see if they were really flowers by pulling them up. Yep. They were (emphasis on past tense) flowers.

Sippy cup sisterhood! Yeah, yeah.

The backyard pool was so exciting, but obviously not as exciting as the makeshift hottub. Kenzie loved having her friend Noel come to play this summer, and going to her house.

Summer time requires a backyard pool and cousins to play with. We had a cousin swim party with Gracie, Koy and Kandelyn in August. Kandelyn can get some serious air.

One day, Kenzie let me curl her hair. She looked too cute. Maybe someday I will curl it again. (But don't get your hopes up, mom.)

We spent a lot of time in the pool this summer. Notice the neglected black truck that I sacrificed my dignity for and the beloved plastic bag that replaced it as a favorite.

Ahhh. Summer, summer, summer time. Now it's on to fall! I know you are excited for my post on canning. Stay tuned. . .


Mike said...

I love reading about my girls! Steph, you are so sexy!

photography by christina said...

I love your blog! You are hilarious. You have so many fun story's.

Hollie said...

Stephanie, I love your blog. You truly are a gifted writer.

Stephanie and Co. said...

*Blush* Thanks guys. I love writing. Blogging is such a great outlet for me. And I get to count it as a "good activity" since I am recording my family history.