Friday, September 26, 2008

Attempting the Impossible. . . Little girl hair

Apparently one of the talents I should have acquired instead of working on my totally unused Library Science degree is "Turning ultra-fine, breakable and uneven hair into fabulous hairstyles." This is not something I am good at. Poor Kenzie and Hannah will have to suffer the indignities of uneven parts and bows that sometimes look like tumors growing out of their heads until I learn.

Here is our first attempt at french braids. They worked out beautifully--for about 5 minutes. Then they self-destructed into crazy-girl hair. I often think that Kenzie's hair at the end of the day reflects how I feel inwardly---Frazzled, out-of-control, and crazy.

At least there is one small moment where everything is put together and lovely. So, I am determined to learn the secrets of fabulous little girl hair, because I remember what a difference it made to me when my mom would come home from work to do my hair for me. I always felt pretty, or at least presentable, when she did my hair (which was everyday up until like eighth/ninth grade at a great sacrifice to her) .
My friend, Kathryn, put together some great links for little girl hair--and they have some great (and impossibly difficult looking) ideas. Now, I'm not saying that I am going to be supermom hairstyler, but at least I will attempt it. Sometimes. When I have extra stores of patience. And Kenzie does too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, your braids looked really cool. Keep up the good work so that your girls don't grow-up looking like farmer girls just out of the hay field. However, that being said, they would still be darling. :-)
It should make your Mom happy to know that you do appreciate her coming home to do your hair. She's a really good Mom and always has been.
Love you bunches, G-ma

Kim said...

I gave up on straight parts a long time ago (my girls have both been born with enough hair to require hairdo's at 6 months). I do the zigzag part. People think it looks so complicated, but really it's just me not wanting to figure out how to make a straight part on a wiggly little head. Zigzags hide it well. :)

And I hear you on the french braids. You go to all this effort and it looks great - for 5 minutes (if that). Oh well.

ROBYN -N- KEVIN said...

At least you got the french braid down. I use to practice on my barbies and failed miserably every time. So BRAVO Steph... it looks adorable.

*MARY* said...

Her hair looks great but I especially love her snazzy top.
My daughter is almost two and has yet to grow hair long enough to do anything with.

Amber said...

I need French braid lessons! I attempted my first one a few weeks ago and since then, Hadley has been pressuring me to do it. Problem? I'm totally terrible and I can't even blame it on her hair!

Hollie said...

You are an amazing woman. Canning, hairstyles and refinishing pianos. Mike should feel so fortunate, he hit the wife jackpot. I've been trying to do Addi's hair lately and been failing miserably. But I think the problem is that she doesn't have hair.

Hollie said...

Go ahead a do a cute witch costume for Kenzie. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but unfortunately I ripped it off from someone else. Besides, the world needs more cute witches. The skirt is extremely easy.

Anonymous said...

Cute new blog header. I think that the picture of your family would be nice Christmas presents for older family members (like grandparents). Hint, hint.
Guess Who

Hollyween said...

I have similar issues with hair. I have no idea what to do with aith's hair besides stick it in a barette. I need an intervention.

The french braids are (were?) cute!