Sunday, September 14, 2008

Please fill in the correct answer

Multiple Choice:
Please write your name at the top of the paper and answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. Remember to read through each question thoroughly before choosing.

1. These past two weeks Stephanie remembered she loved music because
A. That wonderful children's cd that she got free in the mail is teaching her that "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" can be wonderful if sung from the depths of your soul.
B. She decided to become a Collective Soul groupie and drove to Wendover for their rocking, if short, concert.
C. She got to drive in the car, alone, and listened to the radio, instead of those wonderful children's songs or NPR, and thought, "Hey. Music can be nice when it's not about small woodland creatures."
At the Collective Soul concert! This summer has been my concert-going summer. I have never attended a "famous" band in concert and this summer I went to three. Can you see my 'cool factor' rising? Going to concerts is the only way I can get my groove on these days (unless you count running down the street with a black truck as getting your groove on). The CS concert was definitely the best--despite the fact, or rather because of the fact, that no one was smoking Mary Jane. Seriously, the Peppermill concert venue rocked.

2. This last week Kenzie fell in love with:
A. Braids. And said disgustedly, when I didn't braid her hair in the correct manner, "Mom, I wanted a big braid, not this fluffy thing!"
B. Gymnastics. Where she didn't get to jump on the trampoline, but when asked what her favorite part was said, "The trampoline."
C. The little boy down the street, who got one of those neat-o, why-is-a-three-year-old-allowed-in-that? electric cars for his birthday.
The trampoline at Grandma and Grandpa Chambers is the best thing in the world. Kenzie's love of it inspired me to sign her up for tumbling/gymnastics. I love her little class. They don't have to buy some spangly outfit and they don't have some interminable recital. Someday I'm sure I will enjoy going to many dance recitals and such, but I'm not ready yet.

3. In the past two weeks Hannah has become upset and thrown her large head back in massive, noisy fits of crying and yelling "No!" when:
A. The water bottle she was drinking from had the audacity to roll away from her.
B. She was forced into anyone else's arms besides her mother's.
C. She had to eat
D. She had to go to bed
E. She felt ignored
F. Her diaper had to be changed
G. Kenzie came too close
H. She had to put clothes on
I. She had to ride in the car
J. She was awake
Poor Hannah! I think she wasn't feeling very good this week. She's getting her back molars and had some pretty bad diarrhea, (yeah, who knows how to spell that?)

4. In the past two weeks Mike has:
A. Been forced to work like a slave on Stephanie's stupid Dread Piano Chambers, but still smiled and told her it looked terrific.
B. Got into a discussion that convinced Stephanie that he is working in Area 51 on some supersecret alien project where they have managed to brain wash him. And I quote: "When you're dealing with two dimensions, you have to worry about aliasing on two levels. Yeah. It's fun." (And when he read this post he said in all seriousness, as if I understood anything he was saying, "I've told you about sampling in one dimension, haven't I? Like when you sample in the time domain?")
C. Been storing massive amounts of data on the Xbox (illegally modified, yes.) which makes our computer run really really slow. Of course there is a solution to this: Allow him to build a new computer.

Mike relaxing his large brain. Honestly, his project at work is called "The Host" and he works on "aliasing." Enter "Twilight Zone" music or the "Jaws" theme.

Thanks for taking my quiz. I've been having these dreams that I was teaching school again and I wanted to relive the extremely satisfying experience of writing quizzes on subjects no one knows anything about.


Em Russ said...

You're hilarious and oh so creative!! Love your description in the "comments" section too!

Mike said...

Steph doesn't tell me that she writes down things I say (unbeknownst to me). Today she's like "what did you just say?" and as I start answering, I realize it is all some scheme to get material out of me. Believe me, she is way smarter than I am. I just throw words at her that I have heard my professors say so she'll be impressed or something. I bet that someday she will get another degree in Physics or something (remember her post, she will still be one degree above me). BTW, I enjoy working on the piano with her, and technically the Xbox is not illegally modified. The programs are all completely legal, they were just illegally compiled using Microsoft's Xbox compiler. Go figure.