Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Ghetto is Surprisingly lovely

So, even though Mark of Kristen and Mark told me that it wasn't the ghetto, per se, I still think of O-town avenue A by the Mountain Apartments and the train yard as the ghetto.

Mike and I took the girls, and we invited Mark and Kristen, to have a picnic and maybe canoe a little at Fort Buenaventura. I'd never been there, and although it is suprisingly located right smack in downtown O-town, it really is quite lovely. There's a pond, trails, a river, a small visitor's center, lots of large trees, a campground and a great picnic area.

Kenzie had a great time. Hannah never has a good time any more. She just wants to bury her large head into my small chest, all the time. She is too big for this feat so it is very awkward these days, what with trying to hold all 30 pounds of her below my waist so her head can rest comfortably. Anyway.

It was too windy to canoe, but Kenzie and Rusti (and Addison) had a great time pretending they were canoeing and exploring the teepees and fort. On the way there I tried to explain to Kenzie what a fort was and decided that I needed some pc story-telling skills. This is me trying to tell Kenzie why people wanted to have a fort, "See the white people came and there were the Indians, I mean, Native Americans, and they fought with each other, so we, I mean the white people, built a big wall to protect their stuff."
At the fort Kenzie asked me where the white people were. Then she asked me where the Indians were. I want to be kind and fair to others who don't have my viewpoint, and give my children a balanced education about history, but I have a hard time knowing how to do this. I guess I should check some books out and see if they can tell her better than I did.
Here's Kenzie in the old school house. I wonder what the fort settlers would have to say about the history?

Oh yeah, thanks everyone for the camera advice. I finally saved enough money (by stealing toys from people's garbage) to buy a new camera. Actually I wrote this camera into existence. Thank you Standard-Examiner for the new camera. Can't you tell by the stunning quality of my latest photos that I have bought a . . . Nikon D40? :) It's a real low-end SLR, but hey I can only write so many stories for the Standard and garbage day only comes once a week. Eventually Mike and I are going to buy a new little camera as well. We like the idea of having both. Besides the SLR doesn't make movies, nor does it travel well on moonlit mountain bike rides.

I'm trying to think if anything else exciting is happening. Aha! Mike got accepted to a 6 week class at Maxwell Airforce base in the spring. Only 54 civilians get accepted and it's supposed to be really great. I think we are going to try and go with him. So what should I do on a six week "vacation" to Montgomery, Alabama with two small children? Any ideas?


Hollie said...

Oh, I'm laughing right now.Your comments about white settlers and Native Americans reminds me... never, ever let my dad retell "his version" of the first Thanksgiving to your children. He was reading a Thanksgiving book to my kids one night and began substituting his own very unPC words. Lets just say that on the way home Spencer asked me what pillage, plunder and rape meant. Ireally must pay more attention when my dad is speaking to my kids.

ROBYN -N- KEVIN said...

You get to steal stuff from Alabamians now!!! YAY!!

Cassie said...

Such cute girls, Steph! Where is your ghetto? I'm lost! And a vacation to Alabama with two little ones? Man, I was thinking reading, but that's probably out. Shopping would be horrible by they have a pool? Lots of swimming? I have no ideas. Good luck!

Oh, and the mom had a recipe that was pretty cool. It's like a meringue and sugar syrup you mix, mix, mix. Kind of fun for a change. If you really are interested in the recipe, let me know and I'll find it for you!