Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Curse of cursing

I don't drop the f-bomb, but under my breath sometimes my oh-so-adorable children can cause some, how shall we say?, uncouth language.
Read about it on Mormon Mommy Blogs "Closet Cursing."


michaela said...

You are absolutely hilarious! Your sarcastic prose is perfect every time. I too am a closet ,and sadly, public( very rarely! Just for justifications sake) curser. And so, I must say, you are one h*%$ of a writer!

Mike said...

I must interject that sometimes it is a little more audible than under your breath! But still, the girls have never made you curse like that time on Gooseberry Mesa when you hucked your bike into the weeds!

Dan, Tori, and Alexis said...

Sooooo funny!