Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a girl! No, it's a boy! Not really. It's a girl.

We have one tiny, itty bitty little bathroom. (Which we just repainted and spiffed up in October last year. Good job Mike). When we learned that really it was a girl (they think, maybe, but they could be wrong), this was Mike's reaction:
"I could tell." 
My reaction:
"We're going to need at least 5 bathrooms." 

Although I have popped right out and look very pregnant, it's taken me quite a while to be able to feel this little munchkin. At my ultrasound (the one where they moved my due date back TWO WEEKS), the technician said it's because my placenta is right up next to my stomach. The last couple weeks I've finally felt definitive about the fact that there is a child knock-knock-knocking on my uterus's door.

Everything I feel is really low, so low that only Mike is authorized to feel the baby. One night as we lay in bed, I said to Mike, "I've finally felt her. Sherrie (Mike's sister, due the day before me) has been feeling hers forever."

"That's alright," he said. "Can I feel her?"

"Sure," I said and placed his hand on my lower abdomen. Right when he put his hand on my belly she gave the biggest kick I have felt yet.

"That was the strongest kick I have felt," I told Mike.

"Awww. She recognized me," said Mike.


Rachel Sue said...

That's so sweet. My babies never kick for their daddy. THey will be swimming laps but as soon as he touches my stomach the stop immediately. It's actually kind of sad. . .

Em Russ said...

ha ha, that's so cute!! She must know that Mike is SOOOO much fun!!

Emily Widdison said...

so I'm confused...are they still unsure? They think it is a girl, but it could be a boy? My neighbor was told girl and surprise--it was a boy!
When is your due date? I can't remember.
Great letters to your 2 year old.

Kristen and Gang said...

Steph, this is Mark. Two weeks? Sweet, does that mean Mike can do the Salem tri with us?

Garden of Egan said...

Loved your contribution on MMB today. So sweet and hilarious. I had to come over to your blog for more laughs.
Thanks for sharing.