Friday, September 3, 2010

Tony's Grove Camping

For the past two years we've driven up Logan Canyon on a Friday afternoon to Tony's Grove, only to find all the camp sites full. So then we drive back down the canyon to some inferior campground and then instead of listening to traffic from the comfort of our home, listen to traffic in a mountain setting. Joyous. 

This year I finally made a reservation in early March. Hooray! 

On Friday we ate lunch at Alisha and Dustin's apt. in Logan and then headed up to our site. When we travel we have discovered the joy of Rabbit Ears Listening Library and our current favorite is the story of "The White Cat" read by Emma Thompson.  It's superb. Listen to it and you will see how True Klove conquers all (And I do mean "Klove").  We listened to books on cd all the way up and Hannah kept asking if we were in the forest and was pretty excited about sleeping in the forest, as long as the animals wouldn't get her. 

 Ali and Shae and a dog they were babysitting were there already and shortly after my parents arrived. The whole fam damily was there, minus my brother Jared and his lovely wife Pam, who are busy with their house in Michigan. If they read this blog I would say something about how we missed them. Because we did. 

The girls had a great time playing in the tent. In fact it was so much fun, I considered setting it up at home and letting them live in it. I need another bedroom, you know. 

We spent a lot of time hanging out at the campfire and talking. The next day we went to Bear Lake where it was windy, windy. Ellie had a fabulous time in her car seat, where she spends the majority of her time (Sorry Ellie). Mike, Kenzie and Hannah, and I had a fun time with our blow-up boat. And Sophie, Hannah and Kenzie were in heaven with all the seashells on the beach. 

Overall it was a fun trip (Let's just gloss over the details of how sleeping in a tent with three children never makes for a good night of sleep, shall we?)

Alisha telling a funny story around the campfire. Look Ali was on crutches! What a trooper. This makes two out of three camping trips with someone on crutches. Maybe it will become a tradition. Quick, throw some salt over your shoulder if you belong to my family. I just cursed us. 

Awww! They do love each other. 

Quick get the camera! It's a rare sighting of a happy Hannah. 

Ellie in her element! 


Amber said...

This made me miss Utah so much...and sad that we didn't make it up camping this summer. Looks like a blast!

Alisha said...

That was a fun little trip. :)