Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bear Lake

I'm adding "Buy a Cabin at Bear Lake" to my list of "Things To Do Once I Write a Best-Selling Novel About a Young Wizard who Loses his Ring and Has to Fight Werewolves and Pasty Vampires." Catchy title, no?

Every year we're lucky enough to get to spend time at Mike's Grandpa Penrod's cabin at Bear Lake. This year we planned to arrive early Friday morning, which means we arrived late Friday afternoon. It was just in time to spend some time on the beach with Josh and Sherrie and their kiddos before they had to take off.  The next day we got to spend time with the rest of the family. 

My favorite moments were building a sand birthday cake for Uncle Scott, watching the girls play "steal the rocking chair" from Gpa Penrod, and hitting at least one good golf shot on the hole the guys made by the beach. 

Here I am in the best picture of me in my swimsuit. I am at the post-baby stage of "Wow. She Should Not Wear a Swimsuit."

The guys studying the golf hole they made. It was a pretty difficult shot past two water traps.

Hannah proclaims that she doesn't like boys, but Koy is okay. 

The girls in the "warm" water. Why is it warm? Well . . . 

A nice big beach and the kids chose the sand in the walkway by the cabin as their favorite spot. 

Gma holding Hannah because she was cold. 

Jared and La-la looking fashionable and carefree. 

We love Bear Lake! 

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