Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The jump from two to three children

Picture taken by my lovely and talented sister, Alisha Siddoway

Everyone asks, "How is it to have three kids now?" Well, really it's great. It's just like having two, except now if I want to ignore my oldest two instead of blogging, I breastfeed. 

But really, ask me this question again when Ellie is crawling. Then I might growl. Until then though, we've got sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows going on at our house.

Ellie is our transportable baby. Since we've had her we've been running around doing this:

Playing at the splashpad at on base.

Celebrating Aunt Shaelynnie's marriage and adding a new uncle, Uncle Ali!

Giving daddy an airhorn for father's day. Because that's just what Mike needs, an airhorn.

Celebrating the birth of a cousin, Kyla (on the left).

And celebrating the birth of another cousin, Brianna, born two days after Ellie.

Getting too much candy at the Hooper and Clinton fourth of July parades

Hiking by Rainbow Gardens. We made it about 1/2 a mile.


Then we had to eat lunch and pretend to be bears. Raaar.

It's no wonder Ellie insists that she sleep in her carseat. And don't ask me why these &*% pictures are all over the place. Sometimes I hate you, Blogger.  



Natalie said...

You make having 3 kids look so easy! Looks like you've had a fun summer. Oh, and I love all the new haircuts. So cute!

Living the Scream said...

3 has been hard for me to get used too. now my youngest plays with her sisters so that helps a little. you have three girls like me! So much drama and pink huh?? your blog is so cute I just subscribed to the feed :)

Kandice said...

So glad the transition to three has been good for you! ANd I agree! Sometimes I hate Blogger too. . . . . . cute baby btw!