Monday, August 9, 2010

The Spudman-ator

While Mike spent last weekend swimming a mile, biking 25 miles and running 6.2 miles, I spent the weekend calling people by the wrong names. (Go Josh!) We both excelled at our events.

For the past three-ish years, 2007, 2009, and this year we've gone up to Burley for the Spudman triathlon. We go up with Matt and Cristina and Cristina's parent live there and let us stay with them.  
I've done the Spudman twice and now Mike's done it three times. When I say that I've done it, I mean that I have limped in to the finish in 2007, and in 2009 I did the swim and bike and dropped out for the run. That was an awesome bike ride though. 

I always manage to come up with some excuse like, "I had a baby 12 weeks ago," or "I have a fracture in my foot," or "I'm a wimp," to get out of really doing it. Someday I'm going to really train for it and then those potato trophies had better watch out. This year my excuse was, "I just had a baby seven weeks ago and my butt is not getting on a bike."  

Mike usually trains half-heartedly and then goes out and does awesome-- an annoying habit of his. But this year he "seriously" trained, at least more than his usual one week before panic workouts, and he did extra awesome! Bodacious!

Overall time 2:22.18.7; Swim: 21:11; Bike: 1:09.15; Run: 48:03.  Alright Mike! Good job.

This year a whole posse of us went up to do the race. Here's all the guys looking oh-so-nice in their before-swim attire. Mark (far right) had the fastest swim (19:04) and bike (1:07:34), and Mike had the fastest run (48:03) and the best overall time. Sorry ladies. He's taken.

Matt and Cristina made this trophy for the winner out of our group. It's gracing the DPC right now and will remain there until someone is able to beat Mike, and that means it will be there FOR-EV-ER.

The awesome finishers, Mike, Mitch, Caroline, Ryan, Matt, Dunk, Kristin, Mark. Before we went up Melissa, Caroline, Cristina, Kristin and I tie-dyed shirts for our group. Mike is just happy he has a new shirt to wear to work.

We left Hannah and Kenzie with their cousins and had a nice little vacation with just Ellie to take care of. Cristina's parents even watched her while I cheered for Mike.
Way to go Mike! I'm totally going to beat you in the swim next year.



Anonymous said...

Way to go Mikey.
I bet everyone in Northern Utah envies that trophy.
G-ma Bette

Emily Widdison said...

you two are way too athletic for us.

Great job Mike!!

Great cheering Steph!

Tobi said...

I agree with everything Emily said. I don't think your excuse of I just recently gave birth is lame. Milk it for all it's worth Stephanie!

Czechers said...

All that pain and suffering... I am so jealous! Maybe someday Val and I will be able to join in the fun. Congrats Mike! -Dan

Stacie Marietti White said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I love that you guys made shirts!