Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blessing Ellie

I know this is possibly the most beautiful baby you've ever seen, but that's not all she is. Since Mike blessed her to follow the examples of her grandmas, aunts, sisters and mother, she is going to be the most talented, smart, funny, kind girl in the world. And that's just by following my example. Okay, not really. She's lucky she has all these wonderful women who love her to give her really good examples to follow and to balance out my faulty parenting. 

Ellsie-Bellsie was blessed August 1, 2010 and Mike gave her a beautiful blessing. We named her Elizabeth Anne (after two of my favorite literary characters). He cries every time he gives our babies a name and a blessing and it makes me a little teary-eyed too. The baby blessing ordinance, with the men who will help protect and lead the baby forming a circle around her, their hands supporting and holding her, is one of my most favorite. 

Afterward we went to the Hooper Civic Center and ate Cafe Rio copycat food. Mmmmm! 

Thanks Alisha for the awesome photos! You are so talented! (I'm sure it helps when your subjects are so naturally good looking.)

Mom, I need to get the picture I took with you and Dad and Ellie to put right here. (Ah, here it is, finally)
Grandma and Grandpa H on blessing day at the Civic Center where we had the luncheon.

Grandpa and Grandma C holding Ellie on blessing day in their backyard.

One week later Ellie's cousin Breanna was blessed. It will be so fun to have a cousin (two cousins!) so close! 


Amber Chappell said...

Beautiful pictures! Also, if she's anything like her mom she will be pretty darn wonderful. You were such a fun roommate in college and I will always appreciate how you became my maid of honor only a day before my wedding! What a cool lady. I love to read your's always entertaining and uplifting.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby! Your pictures are great. Alisha is good with that camera. Wish we could have been there with you for the blessing.
G-ma B

Tobi said...

Beautiful baby Ellie! I love her name and I'm sure she's going to turn out swell. =)

kristi lou said...

She really is beautiful!! CONGRATS

Alisha said...

You are sooo naturally good looking, you make my job easy peasy! I loved camping, it was fun despite all my preconceived notions that it would be awful with a baby and a toddler. :)

michaela said...

What a beautiful family! I linked up your 100 list I featured on my blog. Thank you for pointing that out, I am sooooo unlearned when it comes to blogging! I am glad I found your cute blog to read and look forward to your witty insights into motherhood!
Much Love, Michaela